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Students rest on the green lawn on the main quad at University of Chicago

Sightings on Summer Hiatus

By Lauren Pond

Dear Readers,Today marks the beginning of Sightings’ summer hiatus…

June 27, 2024
An American flag hangs in a classroom with the English alphabet on the wall behind it.

Civil Religion as a Gateway to Christian Nationalism

By Brian Kaylor and Beau Underwood

Seventy years ago, the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag was…

June 20, 2024
Pro-palestine protesters with Palestinian flags and signs

What We Write about When We Write about the War in Gaza

By Sarah Hammerschlag

"[T]hey were made of the same cloth as we, they were average human…

June 12, 2024
Jürgen Moltmann stands at a podium and speaks into several microphones

The Fullness of Life: Remembering Jürgen Moltmann

By Janna Gonwa

On June 3rd, after 98 years on this earth, Jürgen Moltmann entered…

June 6, 2024
A person with long purple hair wears the pink and blue transgender flag in the style of a cape.

Liberalism’s Identity Irresolution

By Timothy Gutmann

In the United States today, the culture wars are said to divide…

May 31, 2024
A man in a blue shirt and safety goggles adds droplets to a test tube

Asking the Right Questions about Genetic Engineering

By David Barr

Reservations about human genetic engineering generally fall into two…

May 22, 2024
A pile of shiny gold coins with the letter "B" prominent on their face

The Passion of Bitcoin Jesus

By William Schultz

Bitcoin Jesus had it all. Wealth. Fame. The nickname "Bitcoin Jesus."…

May 15, 2024
Figurines on a shelf

Demon Slayer: Pop Religion and Japanese Anime

By Bruce Winkelman

Visitors to movie theaters across the United States recently had the…

May 8, 2024
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