Recent Dissertations


  • Rory Mosi Johnson: Precious memories: The acculturation of memory in African American religion (2010)
  • Ayse Polat: Subject to approval: Sanction and censure in Ottoman Istanbul (1889-1923) (2015) 
  • Noah Salomon: In the Shadow of Salvation: Sufis, Salafis, and the Project of Late Islamism in Contemporary Sudan (2010)
  • Myung Sahm Suh: Generational Dynamics and the Consolidation of the Christian Right in Contemporary South Korea (2017) 


  • Matthijs den Dulk: Defining difference: Justin Martyr and the invention of heresy among Jews and Christians (2015)
  • Patricia Ann Duncan: Novel hermeneutics: Gospel exegesis in the Pseudo-Clementine "Homilies" 
  • Seon Yong Kim: The Pauline gospel protected with a curse: An investigation of the curse motifs in Galatians (2016)
  • David Gregory Monaco: “The Sentences of the Syriac Menander”: Introduction, text and translation, and commentary (2011) 
  • Robyn Jane Whitaker: Seeing god: Ekphrasis, vision, and persuasion in the Book of Revelation (2014) 
  • Sarah Shaw Yardney: Interpretation in the Septuagint of Samuel (2018)
  • Elizabeth Ann Hayes Alvarez The Valiant Woman: The Virgin Mary as Imagined by American Catholics and Protestants, 1854–1904 (2011)
  • Paul H. B. Chang: "The Spiritual Human is Discerned by No One": An Intellectual Biography of Watchman Nee (2017)
  • Maura Campanelli: Pastor, preacher, judge: The papacy under debate in three sixteenth-century writings (2010)
  • Darnell Maurice Charles: Heresy, treason, and royal prerogative: Henry VIII and the plenitude of power (2013) 
  • Vincent Matthew Evener: "Enemies of the cross": Suffering, salvation, and truth in sixteenth-century religious controversy (2014) 
  • Sean Michael Hannan: Belatedness: Augustine on transformation in time and history (2016)
  • Norman Scott Johnson: Franciscan passions: Missions to the Muslims, desire for martyrdom and institutional identity in the later Middle Ages (2010) 
  • Pamela James Jones: Submission, suffering, and God: Enslaved Christian women's identity in the American antebellum period, 1830–1865 (2010) 
  • David Patrick Lyons: Philosophy, Politeness, and Party: David Hume and the Constitution of a Modern Social Order (2017) 
  • Seth Perry: The endless making of many books: Bibles and religious authority in America, 1780–1850 (2013)
  • Andrew Reinsch: Recogimiento and the memory of God (2017) 
  • Alan Thomas Terlep: Inventing the Rapture: The formation of American dispensationalism, 1850–1875 (2010)
  • Erika Joy Johnson Tritle: To the Jew first and to the Greek: Alonso de Cartagena's "Defensorium Unitatis Christianae" and the problem of Jewish flesh in fifteenth-century Spain (2015) 
  • Daniel Yingst: Towers in the Mud: Honorius Augustodunensis Through the Lens of Pedagogy (2017)
  • Shatha Almutawa: Imaginative cultures and historic transformations: Narrative in “Rasā'il Ikhwān Al-Safā'”  (2013)
  • Jessica Hope Andruss: Exegesis, homily, and historical reflection in the Arabic commentary on lamentations by Salmon ben Yerūhīm, tenth-century Karaite of Jerusalem (2015)
  • Samuel Hayim Brody: This pathless hour: Messianism, anarchism, Zionism, and Martin Buber's theopolitics reconsidered (2013)
  • Raphael Alexande Dascalu: Philology, philosophy, and Sufism: Towards an understanding of Tanhum Ha-Yerushalmi's exegesis and thought, with a focus on his commentaries on Jonah, the Song of Songs, and Qohelet (2016)
  • Erik Dreff: The Intellectual Love of God in Spinoza (2017)
  • Eszter Katalin Fuzessy:“Dialogues between sages and outsiders to the tradition”: Creation of difference as a literary method of religious polemics in rabbinic literature (2011) 
  • Sarah Imhoff: Making Jewish gender: Religion, race, sexuality, and American Jews, 1910–1924 (2010) 
  • Ruchama Jerusha Johnston-Bloom: Oriental studies and Jewish questions: German-Jewish encounters with Muhammad, the Qur'an, and Islamic modernities (2014)  
  • Chaim Meir Neria:"It cannot be valued with the gold of Ophir" (Job 28:16): Rabbi Joseph B. Shem-Tob's commentary on Aristotle's  Nicomachean Ethics sources and analysis (2015)
  • Dov Weiss: Confrontations with God in late rabbinic literature (2011) 
  • Alexandra Kathryn Zirkle: Modeling the temple: The politics of German Jewish biblical hermeneutics (2016)


  • Brian Hagen Collins: Headless mothers, magic cows, and lakes of blood: The Paraśhurāma cycle in the “Mahābhārata” and beyond (2010) 
  • Carrie Beth Dohe: The wandering archetype: C. G. Jung's “Wotan” and Germanic-Aryan myth and ideology (2012)
  • Andrew Francis Durdin: Redescribing "Magic": Discourse, Alterity, and Religion in the Roman World (2017)
  • Stephanie Anne Frank: Secularity in Durkheim's and Mauss' imagings of sociality and sociology (2015) 
  • Justin Wesley Henry: Distant Shores of Dharma: Historical Imagination in Sri Lanka From the Late Medieval Period
  • Amanda Jean Huffer: Darshan in a hotel ballroom: Amritanandamayi Ma's (Amma's) communities of devotees in the United States (2010) ​
  • Anne Taylor Mocko: Demoting Vishnu: Ritual, politics, and the unmaking of Nepal's monarchy (2012) 
  • Jeremy G. Morse:Devotion According to the Rules: Guru-Bhakti in the Texts and Practices of the Datta Sampradāya (2017)
  • Elizabeth Ann Perez: Narrative, seasoning, song: Praxis, subjectivity, and transformation in an African-American Lucumí community (2010)
  • Charles Scott Preston: Writing a more "Samskrta" India: Religion, culture, and politics in V. Raghavan's twentieth-century Sanskrit literature (2016)
  • Gabriel A. Robinson: Bullfighting and bull taming: Formations of religion and masculinity (2012)
  • Alexs Thompson: Re-reading al-Tabarī: Towards a narratological interpretation of the “History” (2014)



  • Lauren Evans Osborne: From Text to Sound to Perception: Modes and Relationships of Meaning in the Recited Qur’an
  • Mun’im Sirry: Reformist Muslim Approaches to the Polemics of the Qur’an against Other Religions (2012)


  • Jason Grant Cather: The Ontological Argument, its Criticisms and Consequences (2017)
  • Manuel A. Cruz:The Ethical Passing of God: Kant and Levinas (2011) 
  • Pierre-Julien Harter: Buddhas in the making: Path, perfectibility, and gnosis in the Abhisamayālamkāra literature (2015) 
  • Daniel J. Schultz: On the Use and Abuse of Religion: Reading Foucault on History, Truth, and Subjectivity
  • Joseph Edward Steineger IV:The naturally implanted knowledge of God's existence: Two 13th- century scholastic interpretations of John of Damascus and Anselm of Bec (2014)


  • Lucas Carmichael: The "Daode Jing" as American Scripture: Text, Tradition, and Translation 
  • Rana Choi: Erich Auerbach and his interlocutors: A comparison of literary critical methodologies (2013) 
  • Mathew Cooper Harriss: Race and the religious unconscious: Ralph Ellison's invisible theology
  • John William Cheairs Howell: Civil War literature and the prospect of America (2013) 


  • Anthony Banout: The Traditionalist Evasion of Religious Freedom: Islamic Modernist Responses to Failures in Anglo-American Ethical Theory (2012)
  • Joseph Daniels Blosser:Ethics before God and markets: A theory of moral action in conversation with Adam Smith and Ernst Troeltsch (2011) 
  • Joshua Andrew Connor: Recollecting the Soul: Studies of the Psyche and the I-Thou Relation (2017)
  • Andrew DeCort: Bonhoeffer's beginning: Universal entry, the problem of morality, and the ethics of new beginning (2015)
  • Debra Joy Erickson: A world for people and people for the world: Using casuistry in environmental decision-making (2010) 
  • Jeffrey Israel: Jewish humor and the political ethics of de-stigmatization (2011) 
  • Marc Edward Livecche: With malice toward none: The moral ground for killing in war (2015)
  • Richard J. Hoskins: Reinhold Niebuhr and international society: The concord of Christian Realism and the English School of International Relations theory
  • Matthew R. Petrusek:Catholic social ethics and the (in)vulnerability of human dignity (2013)
  • Bruce Pantaleo Rittenhouse:Shopping for meaningful lives: A Christian existential reinterpretation of the moral motivation of consumerism through the theology of Paul Tillich (2010) 
  • Daniel DeForrest Strand: The gods of the nations: St. Augustine's apocalyptic political theology (2015)
  • Sandra Jeanne Sullivan-Dunbar :“I was hungry and you gave me food”: Agape, justice and special relations seen through the lens of dependent care (2010)
  • Michael Richard Turner: Does the laborer deserve to be paid?: The place of desert in a Christian conception of distributive justice



  • Joshua Leonard Daniel: Transforming faith: H. Richard Niebuhr and Paulo Freire on moral education (2013)
  • Tarick Elgendy: Power, complicity, and resistance: Rereading "the powers" with Karl Barth and Michel Foucault (2014) 
  • Adrian Nicolae Guiu: Reading scripture, unifying creation: Becoming the officina omnium in John Scottus Eriugena's Periphyseon (2014) 
  • Timothy M. Hiller: Justification and moral value: Martin Luther on good, evil, and the moral self 
  • Evan Francis Kuehn: Troeltsch's eschatological absolute (2016)
  • Kyle Rader: Learning to love: A constructive theology of ascetic reading from I John to Ernst Troeltsch (2016)