Charlie Grant

Charlie Grant



Charlie is a dual degree student in the Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work program and an awardee of the 2022 International Ministry Study Grant program.

Description of your academic interests and field of study

My academic interests lie in the study of Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, as well as spiritual care and counseling. I hope to identify ways to engage in spiritual care that is informed by Buddhist philosophy and practice. Personally, I came to the Divinity School by way of a career in environmental education, and I hope my academic goals can intercept my personal appreciation for the natural world, a desire that led me to apply for this grant.

Description of what you'll be doing on this fellowship

This summer I will be traveling to Northern India, Ladakh, and Nepal to study a Buddhist response to climate change in the ecologically fragile environment of the Himalayas. Additionally, I hope to get a sense for how the natural environment is used in the practice of Buddhism for those living in mountainous regions, a pursuit that will involve traveling by foot to different remote Tibetan Buddhist communities in the Himalayan foothills. This project will allow me to speak with prominent Buddhist teachers, as well as people living in the villages impacted by the changing climate. I'm thrilled for this opportunity and look forward to the ways it shapes my own academic work and career.