Sarah Yardney

Sarah Yardney



MA, PhD (University of Chicago)

Sarah Yardney’s work investigates the transmission, translation, and interpretation of biblical texts. Her interests include textual criticism, the working habits of scribes and translators, translation technique, the early history of biblical interpretation, and the use of digital technology for biblical research. Her first monograph, Interpretation in the Septuagint of Samuel (Peeters, forthcoming), identifies and analyzes examples of translational creativity and contextualizes them within the history of Jewish biblical interpretation. She is currently writing commentaries on 1 and 2 Samuel for the Society of Biblical Literature Commentary on the Septuagint series with Leonardo Pessoa da Silva Pinto. She is also a research specialist on the Critical Editions for Digital Analysis and Research project (CEDAR) which is building digital tools for advanced textual study across diverse literary corpora.

Sarah will be teaching Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible in Spring 2023.