Bill Geraci

Bill Geraci



Bill Geraci is the Office Technology Coordinator at the Divinity School, or as he likes to say: "The Computer Guy"

What do you enjoy about working as a staff member in the Divinity School?

Helping my clientele (faculty and staff) get more out of their computers. Helping out generally in other ways as things go on. And (when they work) messing with all these machines.  

What do you enjoy about living in Hyde Park/Chicago?

Sorry! Wrong! I drive in daily from Tinley Park. I haven’t lived in Hyde Park since 1984…. I do enjoy the restaurants and, when I dare, intellectual life available in HP.

What do you like to do outside of your work at the Divinity School?

I like my wife and children and enjoy a lot of time with some of our grandchildren. I also have a podcast I’m not making, talks I’m not giving and a book I’m not writing….

But then there’s the Organ. Bond chapel has an organ which, Rockefeller staff (who now manage Bond) are kind enough to allow me access to the Reneker Memorial Organ there. I do try and play! I get a lot out of it.

Anything else you would like to share?

On computer stuff: I am an end user support kind of computer guy. There are different aspects of “computering” as one might guess. Database, programming (aka: writing software, being a developer), hardware. But I support actual people who actually (try) to use computers. Although I’ve spent enough hours to also support hardware thingys.

On my tenure here: With two recent retirements I’m now the second longest tenured staff member here, having been here since 2004 and an hourly consultant before then.

On my AV stuff: I’m also the guy who does AV stuff: microphones, video recordings. For whatever that’s worth.

On my cooking: I can cook, having worked my way though college as a cook.