William Schweiker on WBEZ's "Morning Shift"

William Schweiker discusses "Religious Freedom: Where to Draw the Line" on WBEZ's The Morning Shift.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Cairo

A new exhibition at the Oriental Institute Museum will offer a glimpse into everyday life in a lively, multicultural city in ancient Egypt.

Senior Fellow Symposium by Loren Lybarger: April 28

Senior fellows in the Marty Center are scholars from the United States and other countries throughout the world, on sabbatical leave from their home institutions. At the Marty Center, they situate their research within a broader cultural frame of reference, bringing their perspectives to bear on religious questions facing the wider public.

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The Practical Authority of the Imams and their Representatives (April 3-4)

 Levinas Reading (April 8-9)


Curing and Healing

by Martin E. Marty

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On Islam and the Events at Charlie Hebdo

by Jean-Luc Marion, Bruce Lincoln, Anthony Yu, Matthew Kapstein, and Françoise Meltzer