Open Space

Open Space, our weekly community opportunity for conversation, reflection, and fellowship, will take "What do you seek to balance?" as the theme for Winter 2017.   

Wednesday Lunch

Our Wednesday Lunch series, open to all, is on hiatus until January 11th. Join us in 2017 for Lunches on Islam and medicine, the Anthropocene, approaching LGBTQ+ identities, and more.

Winter Quarter courses

Winter Quarter 2017 course offerings –  including  "Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism in 20th Century America: Interpretations," "Idolatry: Historical and Modern Perspectives," and "Sovereignty, Intimacy and the Body" – are now available.   

Battle of the Gods

Every quarter our student-run coffeeshop, Grounds of Being, runs a "battle of the gods" – with the winner determined by patron tips. This quarter our battle features the "divine feminine," godly women from a variety of traditions. Come to the coffeeshop (armed with your cash) and vote for the divine feminine of your choice!