Affiliated Institutions

The Baptist Theological Union was incorporated in 1865 to found, endow, support, and direct the Chicago Baptist Theological Institute. Today, the BTU oversees an endowment that helps to support the Divinity School.

BTU Board of Trustees

Larry L. Greenfield, President
John M. Schloerb, Vice President
Darren R. Reisberg, Secretary

Honorary Trustees

Ralph H. Elliott
John W. Reed


David L. Bartlett
Jesse M. Brown
Arthur B. Francis 
Larry L. Greenfield 
Susan B. W. Johnson
Carol A. McVetty
John Mills
Donald W. Musser
Joseph L. Price II
John M. Schloerb 
Robert G. Schloerb
Phyllis R. P. Tessieri
Jeffrey B. Tyson
Rev. David. J. Wood 

For more information, please contact Darren R. Reisberg, Secretary of the University

The Disciples Divinity House offers an exceptional residential scholarship program in conjunction with the Divinity School and as one of the seven theological education institutions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

The residential scholarship program cultivates the arts of ministry and scholarship. It includes substantial financial aid, educational programs, and a lively community of faith and learning. Scholars of the Disciples Divinity House are also students of the Divinity School.

Additional programs for alumni/ae, laypersons, ministers, and scholars further the examination of faith, theology, and contemporary life.

The Hyde Park Cluster of Theological Schools is a consortium of institutions. MDiv students may take up to four courses at these institutions.

Catholic Theological Union

5401 South Cornell 
Chicago, IL 60615 

Chicago Theological Seminary

1407 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

1100 East 55th Street 
Chicago, IL 60615 

McCormick Theological Seminary

5460 S. University
Chicago, IL 60615 

Meadville/Lombard Theological Seminary

610 South Michigan Avenue 
Chicago, IL, 60605