Stay tuned for exciting events throughout the year, designed to prepare you for the next step in your professional career.  The University of Chicago Divinity School, along with the resources of the University of Chicago, are at your disposal as you plan for your future.

The Dean of Students publishes a weekly newsletter, filled with information on employment opportunities, fellowships, professionalization events, as well as key events sponsored by units throughout the University.  You won't want to miss a single issue!

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 - 4:00 - 5:30 PM - CV and Cover Letter Workshop

Join advisors from the Office of Career Advancement, along with Deans Mitchell and Owens, in a discussion about how an effective cover letters and curriculum vitae can present your training, experience and research to best advantage, making the case that you are the best candidate for a position.  Feel free to bring your current CV for discussion purposes.

Navigating the Academic Job Market - August 11-14, 2014

Navigating the Academic Job Market (Part of Graduate Student/Postdoc “Summer Camp”)

August 11 – 14

10AM – 12:00PM each day

The Divinity School (Swift Hall) Lecture Hall

Whether you are headed to the job market for the first time, or have experience with the process and want a chance to polish your materials, this "Summer Camp" series is designed for you. Over the course of four sessions, we will discuss best practices for key aspects of the academic job market. We will meet for four consecutive days (August 11-14) from 10AM till noon (breakfast served on Monday/Thursday at 9:30AM. Lunch served all days at 12:00PM). Details and Registration Here. The conversations will be led by staff from the Chicago Center for Teaching and Graduate Student Affairs.

PLEASE NOTE: you are welcome to sign up only for the sessions that most pertain to your interests and needs; however, we invite you to attend as many sessions as your schedule allows!

  • MONDAY: Introduction, Expectations, Job Documents (BREAKFAST AT 9:30 AM in the Divinity School Common Room; Lunch at 12PM)
  • TUESDAY: Evidence of Effective Teaching (Portfolios and Teaching Statements), Lunch at 12PM
  • WEDNESDAY: The Academic Interview (an Intro and Collaborative Workshop), Lunch at 12PM
  • THURSDAY: The Job Talk, Interview Class, and Elevator Speech (BREAKFAST AT 9:30AM in the Divinity School Common Room), Lunch at 12PM
Careers in Nonprofits - August 18-22 - "Summer Camp"

Careers in Nonprofits (Part of Graduate Student and Postdoc “Summer Camp”)

Monday – Friday, August 18-22 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Saieh Hall (Formerly Chicago Theological Seminary), Room 021

Enter through the Pedestrian Quad on 58th Street

Careers in nonprofits attract graduate alumni and postdocs from across disciplines. This series of five programs aims to (a) introduce graduate students and postdocs to issues in nonprofit work and (b) provide basic training in the competencies that nonprofit hiring managers are seeking.

**Attendance at all five events is preferred, but not required. You will have the opportunity to sign up for the events that your schedule can accommodate. Register now!**

NOTE: You may also be interested in “Academic Job Market Summer Camp,” which takes place next week. Information is here.

Breakfast will be served on Monday at 9:30 AM. Coffee will be served each day at 9:45 AM. Lunch will be served on Friday at noon.

  • Monday: Introduction to the landscape of nonprofits
  • Tuesday: Creating programming that meets an organization's mission
  • Wednesday: Grant Writing (...and Proposal Reading) -- an introduction to the process of writing effective grants for nonprofits; presented by the University of Chicago Writing Center
  • Thursday: Confronting Communications Challenges in a Nonprofit Context
  • Friday: Project Management – a guest presentation delivered by the United Way: Shira Salimon (Manager, Community Investment Operations); Kimberlee Guenther (Manager, Community Investment - Research & Evaluation)

By the end of this "Summer Camp" series, you should have a better handle on nonprofit work in Chicago; will have met individuals from a diversity of backgrounds and in a diversity of jobs; and feel more confident articulating the value of your transferable skills to nonprofit employers.

If you have any questions, or require special accommodation to attend, please contact Kalee Ludeks in Graduate Student Affairs (

Sept. 15-16 - Careers in the Academy - Chicago-Area Institutions

Careers in the Academy: Visiting Chicago-Area Institutions

Many Divinity School PhD students teach in Chicago-area institutions as part of their pedagogical development.  Take advantage of this opportunity to visit these institutions.  This event is sponsored by the Chicago Center for Teaching.  Click on the ad below for more information.

careers in the academy

Coming Events: 2014-15

For Craft of Teaching Events, click here.



  • Divinity Fall Career Night - Thursday, November 6, 2014 - location TBA
  • "Mock"  AAR interviews - Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 4:30 pm
    • Have a conference interview scheduled at the AAR/SBL? Practice your interviewing skills with a faculty panel, and learn as you watch fellow students in their own mock interviews.
  • MA students - Skills identification and alumni panel - TBD
    • Learn how to identify your strengths and see how your MA education can translate to a number of career opportunities.  Ask questions of MA alumni who are pursuing a wide range of professions.


  • January 14, 2015 - Job Talk Day -  throughout the day
    • An opportunity to practice the lecture you will give during on-campus job interviews.  Receive valuable feedback from faculty and colleagues on both your argument and your presentation.


  • February 27, 2015 -   Syllabus Workshop, 12 noon—3 pm

    • Learn how to design college courses in religious studies, using your own course design for the workshop.

  • MDiv Skills Identification and Alumni panel - TBD
    • Learn how your MDiv education and skills can be leveraged toward a variety of professions, including emergent forms of ministry.  Hear from MDvi alumni who are pursuing careers in ministry, non-profit management, social justice and many other fields.


  • PhD Skills Identification and Alumni Panel - TBD
    • Learn how to translate your PhD education into many non-academic professions.  Share with PhD alumni who are successfully pursuing careers beyond the academy.