The Martin Marty Center is the Divinity School’s institute for advanced research in all fields of the academic study of religion.  Through its seminars, research projects, conferences, and publications, the Marty Center fosters interdisciplinary research on religion by University of Chicago faculty and graduate students, in cooperation with affiliated scholars from around the world.


The Religion and Culture Web Forum

Believing Scientists in America: Polling from Leuba to Larson to Pew

by Nancy Frankenberry

May 2016

Sightings: Religion in Public Life

Living Longer

by Martin E. Marty

May 23, 2016

Coming Up

African Religions in the Americas

May 20-21 



Bettina Bergo

"The Ambiguity of Anxiety: The Philosophical History of a Concept"

Tuesday May 10
4:30pm | Swift Common Room