The Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion builds on a longstanding conviction of the Divinity School that the best and most innovative scholarship in religion arises from sustained dialogue with the world beyond the academy.  It contributes to this dialogue by offering scholarly perspectives on the religious questions facing the wider public, while encouraging faculty and students to situate their scholarly questions within a broader cultural frame of reference. 


News & Events Spotlight

Emma Anderson

Religions in the Americas Lecture by Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson, University of Ottawa will lecture on "The First Philosophes: The Unrecognized Impact ...More Info

Christopher White

Religions in the Americas Lecture by Christopher White

Christopher White, Vassar College, to lecture on Tues. Nov. 12: "Higher Dimensions, Fantastic Scienc...More Info

Pamela Klassen

Religions in the Americas Lecture by Pamela Klassen

Pamela Klassen, University of Toronto, to lecture on Tues. Nov. 5: "Recognizing Religion and Siting ...More Info


Nov 21

Orietta Ombrosi - "Sarah Kofman, a Feminine Deconstruction of ... More Info

Dec 2

David Ridge - "Two Coherent Stories in Numbers 16" More Info

Dec 4

Lecture by Matthias Lehmann More Info


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Religions in the Americas

A lecture seres 

The Marty Center's Religions in the Americas lecture series will bring leading scholars in the field to focus on critical topics and key debates, using a variety of methodological approaches


Rabbinic Judaism and its Contexts


This conference will celebrate a new generation of scholarship, dedicated to historical, comparative and critical readings of the rabbis and their texts.


Meet the Marty Center Fellows

Our Marty Center Fellows situate their research within a broader cultural frame of reference, bringing their perspectives to religious questions facing the wider public. 

Alexander Wolfson

As a fellow I plan to finish the final chapters of my dissertation entitled Force and Stabilization: ‘Transsexuality’ in 20th Century Critical Thought. The dissertation looks at the role and representation of transsexuality and non-binary gender identity in 20th Century ps...


Daniel Kim

My dissertation addresses a long-standing inarticulacy within modern medicine about its malaise and its good. I locate the problem in its dominant but reductive image of the human person, which tends to regard ethical and religious values in terms solely of their instrumental importance. Drawing ...


Héctor M. Varela Rios

My goal this year can be stated simply: to complete my dissertation. Easier said than done, though. This fellowship with the Martin Marty Center (MMC), especially due to the interdisciplinary conversations with peers and faculty, will be key to accomplishing that goal. More specifically, my disse...


Jiangyang Dong

I am a Professor of the Study of Christianity in the Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciencesin Beijing, China.

I am on a sabbatical year leave from my home institution and want to use it to make progress i...


Meet the Fellows


Seminar and fellowship programs are oriented towards the intersection of religion and public life, and encourage faculty and students to put their scholarly questions into a broader cultural frame. 

Prof.Hammerschlag teaching

Our annual yearlong Marty Center seminar puts together junior and senior scholars for a unique interdisciplinary experience.

students at lecture

The Brauer Seminar encourages interdisciplinary research and teaching, with a new topic (and instructors) annually.