Zhuangzi: Beyond the Inner Chapters

Second International Workshop

October 4-6, 2018 | Swift Common Room (1st floor)

The Zhuangzi is one of the masterpieces of Chinese philosophical literature, usually recognized as the second most important canonical text in the tradition of philosophical Daoism.  But in spite of its immense intellectual depth, aesthetic intricacy, and cultural importance, Anglophone scholarly work has hitherto been almost exclusively focused on the first seven of its thirty-three chapters, known as "the Inner Chapters."   In this workshop, a group of internationally renowned Zhuangzi scholars will convene for the second time to attempt to redress this imbalance, excavating some of the most distinctive and intriguing unexplored passages in the "Outer Chapters" and "Miscellaneous Chapters" of the work for collective analysis and deliberation.
Confirmed presenters:
  • Erica Fox Brindley (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Steven Coutinho (Muhlenberg College)
  • Mark Csikszentmihalyi (UC Berkeley)
  • Esther Sunkyung Klein (University of Sydney)
  • Hans-Georg Moeller (University of Macau)
  • Sonya Özbey (University of Michigan)
  • So Jeong Park (Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Franklin Perkins (University of Hawai’i)
  • Hagop Sarkissian (CUNY, Baruch College)
  • Stephen C. Walker (University of Chicago)
  • John Williams (National University of Singapore)
  • Brook Ziporyn (University of Chicago)

    Workshop schedule (PDF)

Persons with a disability who need an accomodation to attend a Divinity School event, please call Sandra Peppers in advance: 773-702-8219.