Xiao-bo Yuan

I am honored and excited to be a part of the Martin Marty Center community of scholars in the upcoming year, during which I will be working on my dissertation, tentatively titled: "Reform and Purification: the politics and labors of ethical instruction in Chinese Christianities." In this work based on 18 months of ethnographic research on Protestant communities (both "above"- and "underground") in urban China, I ask what "Christian ethics" look like in post-millennial China — in theory and theology, in practice, and in broader circulation as a moral resource for addressing contemporary social problems. 
The Martin Marty Center gives me an invaluable opportunity to discuss my work with scholars in other fields, with the promise of finding out what questions we may all be asking, albeit in different ways. I look forward to developing my dissertation within this broad arena, discussing literatures and genres beyond my immediate training, and learning about how our ideas can engage a greater public.