Womanist Theology

Womanist Theology is a contemporary theological discipline in the American academy. It emerged in 1979 and has differentiated into various other disciplines, foci, and methodologies. However, all scholars agree to the "womanist theology" nomenclature because they claim womanist theology doing the following work: (1) expanding the theory and method of the academy; (2) broadening the intellectual conversation; (3) welcoming new voices, and some old, into theological explorations; and (4) challenging the very notion of assumed epistemology. In 1979, Jacquelyn Grant wrote what has now been recognized as the first womanist article. In that piece, "Black Theology and the Black Woman", she astutely pointed out certain blindspots in black theology and in the larger discussions about both the academic study of religion and the relation between theology and faith communities.

This course will look at the rise and contributions of Womanist Theology of the First Generation. It is part three of Black Theology: 1st Generation and Black Theology: 2nd Generation. But one does not need to know anything about the previous two classes.

Ident. GNSE 40100

T 9:00-11:50