• Nadia Khan, PhD student in Islamic Studies, during a Visiting Committee dinner event.
  • Richard Shepro, Chair of the Divinity School Visiting Committee.
  • Chimé Lama, MA student, during a Visiting Committee dinner event.

Visiting Committee

The Visiting Committee to the Divinity School connects the School to a vibrant external audience who are among the School's most generous and loyal supporters. 

Through Visiting Committee meetings, this group of dedicated alumni and friends has the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the Divinity School, while Divinity School faculty and students bring the work of the School to the attention of a wider audience.  Visiting Committee members represent a wide range of professions and affiliations, but they all have an interest in the work of the School and are willing to be engaged by the scholarship of our students and faculty.  The interactions are interdisciplinary, intellectually stimulating, and mutually beneficial.


​Robert L. Berner *

Barbara Bierig

Jack R. Bierig

Jeanne Bishop

Thomas J. Boodell

Stephen S. Bowen

Carl Henry Boyer

Herbert Bronstein *

John A. Bross

John M. Buchanan *

John I. Cadwallader

Robert Wells Carton *

Lisa A. Cavallari

John C. Colman *

Robert W. Crowe *

Richard D. Cudahy

Thomas J. D'Alesandro

Victoria J. Dorgan

Stephen Paul Durchslag

Alexandra C. Earle

Joan Feitler

Charles R. Feldstein *

Emily H. Fine *

Barbara Tipping Fitzpatrick

Thomas M. Fitzpatrick

James L. Foorman

Joan B. Gottschall *

Larry L. Greenfield *

Lawrence R. Hamilton

Sharon D. Hatchett

Victoria J. Herget

Ann Hicks-Hamilton

John B. Hillman

Richard Frederick Kaufman

Sylvia Kaufman

David W. Maher *

Paul C. Marengo

Margaret McCurry

Daniel R. Murray

Linda Lee Nelson

Oliver Nicklin *

John S. Nuveen *

Rebecca Ruth Pallmeyer

Wayne Parman

Robert K. Parsons

William Clay Pate

Charlene H. Posner

Marjorie Lindsay Reed *

Kenneth F. Ripple

Lindsay E. Roberts

John M. Schloerb

Robert G. Schloerb *

Winifred Eleanor Scott

Richard Warren Shepro, Chair

Frederick H. Stitt

Lynn Straus

Richard P. Strubel *

Jeanne M. Sullivan

Stanley Tigerman

Thomas J. Tropp

Audrey Tuggle


* Denotes a Life Member