Virtual Wednesday Lunch

Welcome to Virtual Wednesday Lunch at the Divinity School! Can't make lunch on campus? We've made some of our Wednesday Lunches available online.

If you would like to make an accessibility-related request, please send a message to terren [at] uchicago [dot] edu.


Wednesday Lunch with Professor Jane Risen

Wednesday Lunch with Dr. Aasim Padela | 


Wednesday Lunch with Professor William Schweiker and Dean Kristine A. Culp



Wednesday Lunch with Dean Richard A. Rosengarten
Wednesday Lunch with Sumit Ray and Sara Popenhagen from the Office of Sustainability
Wednesday Lunch with author Stephanie Arnold



  David Travis (AB'71) on "A Voyage of Discovery"

  Dean's Forum with Professor Kevin Hector | March 2







Autumn 2014

Improv Comedy with Piebenga Plumbing | November 19, 2014 

 Jack A. Gilbert on "Why Microbiomes Control Your Life" 
October 22, 2014




Community Playground 
October 15, 2014




South Side Projections
Ocotber 8, 2014



Spring 2014

May 21, 2014

 May 14, 2014

Kristin Schilt and Chase JoyntTrans* on Campus
April 30, 2014





 Dan LaorFor God's Sake, Who is Alterman?
April 23, 2014


Dietrich & Andrea Mattson-McGaffey: Edible Alchemy 
April 16, 2014

 Dawn Xiana Moon and Michi TrotaGatekeeping and Geek Culture
April 9, 2014

Winter 2014


HHHHeartLogo.pngHarmony Hope and Healing
March 5, 2014

This program’s invited musical guests were members of Harmony Hope & Healing. "HHH" is an organization that provides creative, therapeutic, and educational music programs offering emotional and spiritual support to homeless and under-served women, children and men in the Chicago area. 

Yiddish Literature in the Sanatorium
February 26, 2014

Part of our Wednesday Lunch series, Sunny Yudkoff, Lecturer in Yiddish Language, discusses a cohort of tubercular writers who wrote and recuperated together under the auspices of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society of Denver, Colorado, from the 1910s to 1930s. She explains how the variables of philanthropy, illness and literary expression came to mediate the lively literary scene of the sanatorium and the careers of its patient-writers. 


The Future of Creation: Linking Ecology and Evolution
February 19, 2014

Gayle Woloschak on "The Future of Creation: Linking Ecology and Evolution." Professor Woloschak is the associate director of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science. A molecular biologist and professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and an active leader in the Orthodox Church, Dr. Woloschak is deeply devoted to the religion-science dialogue and to the partnership of theologians and scientists in addressing critical issues in society. She is the author of hundreds of scientific articles and three books on the Orthodox faith, including Challenge Questions on Orthodoxy and Beauty and Unity in Creation.


Turning the Page: Graphic Novels as Art Objects
February 12, 2014

“Turning the Page: Graphic Novels as Art Objects”: After touring their books throughout the Midwest last year, the Sun Bros are prepared to release their next full-length graphic novel, “Monkey Fist.” Join Wesley Sun (MDiv’08, writer, and Director of Field Education and Community Engagement at the University of Chicago Divinity School) and Brad Sun (writer and illustrator) as they discuss the ways in which their books communicate as art objects.


The World's First Data-Storage System?
February 5, 2014

Christopher E. Woods, Associate Professor of Sumerology and Editor of the Journal of Near Eastern Studies at The Oriental Institute, speaking. Prof. Woods will discuss research on clay balls or envelopes from Mesopotamia that were used for record-keeping about 200 years before writing was invented -- possibly the world's first data storage system.


Restoring Touch
January 29, 2014

Sliman Bensmaia, Assistant Professor in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy: "Restoring touch with a prosthetic hand through a brain interface." Professor Besmaia studies the neural basis of the sense of touch, research that could lead to a direct interface with the brain that could someday allow those who have lost limbs to, not only manipulate objects, but also to be able to touch and feel again. 



Screen%20Shot%202014-02-18%20at%204.49.38%20PM.pngDean's Forum: Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism
January 22, 2014

A Dean's Forum on Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism: History, Semiology, and Transgression in the Indian Traditions by Christian K. Wedemeyer, Associate Professor of the History of Religions. Jeffrey Stackert, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible, and Brook A. Ziporyn, Professor of Chinese Religion, Philosophy, and Comparative Thought, responding. 







Fall 2013

Wednesday Lunch with Mollie Stone: “Songs of Struggle” 
November 20, 2013

A Wednesday Lunch at the University of Chicago Divinity School with guest Mollie Stone: “Songs of Struggle: The Powerful Use of Black South African Choral Music to Create Social and Political Change.” Stone is a conductor with the Chicago Children’s Choir, currently pursuing her doctorate in choral conducting at Northwestern University. While serving as the graduate associate for the Amherst College music department in 2001, she received a grant from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to create a DVD on black South African choral music. She has since received another grant to study how South Africans are using choral music in the struggle against HIV. Wednesday Lunch is a lunchtime presentation series of the Divinity School.


The Dark Energy Survey and the Mystery of the Accelerating Universe

November 13, 2013

Wednesday Lunch at the Divinity School featuring Joshua Frieman, Director of the Dark Energy Survey and Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago.



How Not to Study Afro-Cuban Religion

November 6, 2013

Wednesday Lunch at the Divinity School with Stephan Palmié, Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College and Department Chair. Palmié conducts ethnographic and historical research on Afro-Caribbean cultures, with an emphasis on Afro-Cuban religious formations and their relations to the history and cultures of a wider Atlantic world.



Dean’s Forum on “Sarah Osborn’s World” by Catherine A. Brekus

October 31, 2013 (A Thursday Wednesday Lunch)

A Dean’s Forum “Wednesday Lunch” on Professor Catherine A. Brekus’s recent book, Sarah Osborn’s World: The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America. The Dean’s Forum series invites Divinity School faculty to engage in conversation in a public forum. 





 Between Heaven and Earth: Birds of Ancient Egypt

October 30, 2013

Wednesday Lunch at the Divinity School with guest speaker Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer, a PhD Candidate in Egyptology and the curator of the "Between Heaven and Earth: Birds of Ancient Egypt" exhibit recently at the Oriental Institute.




Would You Buy This Book? Academic Publishing and the Research Library

October 23, 2013

Wednesday Lunch at the Divinity School with Anne Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion and Philosophy at The University of Chicago Library.



Truck Farm Chicago

October 16, 2013

Wednesday lunch at the Divinity School with Truck Farm! Truck Farm is a mini-farm planted in the back of a biodiesel-fueled pickup truck, used to connect kids to food and health. Speaking: Tim Magner, rookie farmer and cocreater/codirector of Truck Farm.