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The Divinity School sponsors a variety of programs throughout the academic year, including conferences, our weekly Wednesday Lunch series, and lectures by visiting scholars. For more events information, see our online calendar, or sign up for our weekly events email. Join the conversation! 


Autumn Quarter Dean's Seminar on the Craft of Teaching, with Michael Kessler

Friday, November 10 | 12 noon | Swift Common Room 

David D. Hall to lecture on Thinking Across (Protestant) Reformations: Scotland, England, and New England, 1550-1640)".
Friday, November 10, 2017 | 2pm | Swift Lecture Hall

Just Reaction: Religion, Ethics, and the Nuclear Age 
Panel discussion with Dean of Students Joshua Feigelson, Professor Richard B. Miller, and Dean Laurie Zoloth
Monday, November 27 | 4:30pm | Swift Lecture Hall 

Public Lecture by Mayra Rivera: "Belief Materialized in Deeds"
December 8 | 10:30 am – 11:45 am | S208

Mayra Rivera is faculty at Harvard University and Harvard Divinity School.

Sylvia Wynter’s essays analyze the cultural figurations of the human as conditions of possibility for particular forms of life. Her models for the intersections between biology and culture predate the celebrated New Materialisms and offer crucial insights for assessing the political implications of such endeavor. This in itself is enough incentive to study Wynter’s work. But she is also of particular interest to scholars of religion, because Wynter is one of very few critics of coloniality that take seriously its religious dimensions, not only as an element of colonial ideology, but also as persistent and ambivalent influence in secular models for being human.

This presentation will focus on Wynter’s distinct description of the link between ideas and biology and its relationship with Caribbean thought. Several works by Wynter are readily available online, but no reading is required for this lecture.


The 2018 Brauer Seminar: Roundtable on Religion, Gender and Sexuality
March 7, 2018 | Swift Lecture Hall, 3rd floor