• Professors Cynthia Lindner, Susan Schreiner, and Willemien Otten outside of Swift Hall.

Transfer among programs

Students are admitted to only one of the master's-level degree programs, but the Divinity School recognizes that students may change their educational objectives during their first year of study. For that reason, if students have persuasive reasons for doing so, they may petition to transfer among the programs.


Students in the AMRS, MA, and MDiv programs are required to take the course introducing students to the study of religion. In the spring quarter of their first year, all students will meet with the Dean of Students to review their academic progress and goals. Students desiring to transfer among programs may petition to do so.

In the winter quarter of the second year (or in the winter quarter of the year following receipt of the MA degree) for those enrolled in the MA program and of the third year for those enrolled in the MDiv program, students may apply to the PhD program by in-house petition. All students who wish to do so must have completed three courses in the area of study to which they are applying by the end of the autumn quarter. Students admitted to the PhD program must have received the master's degree prior to matriculation into the PhD program.