Suzanne Wint

"The Western Classical Music Scene in Kampala, Uganda: A Music of the Other?"

A year of ethnographic fieldwork in Kampala (Uganda) convinced me that one could not write about Western classical music in Uganda without writing about Christianity, and the importance of religion in Ugandan everyday life. The articulation of faith and religion through non-church performance groups led me to consider how notions of the secular or the ecumenical are worked out through musical practices in Kampala. In addition, the treatment of post-mission history, especially as it relates to music, is an issue I confront almost daily in my research and teaching, and consider it a question of ethics within my field.

I look forward to the year as a Martin Marty Junior Fellow for the interdisciplinary discussion the Marty Center fosters amongst those grappling with similar issues. Writing a dissertation and teaching a new course can both be very isolating endeavors, so I relish the opportunity to exchange with other young scholars in the same stages of their careers as I am.