Sunit Singh

Echoes of Freedom: The Crisis of Liberal Imperialism in Punjab, 1905-1929
As a MMC Junior Fellow, I intend to work toward completing my dissertation, which centers on the role of religion in the failed attempt to spark a socialist revolution in British India during the Ghadr (rebellion, or revolution) of 1915, in the midst of the First World War. Despite the common religious idiom that the Ghadr shared with mainstream anti-colonial nationalism, the campaign to revive the Ottoman Caliphate, and the anarchist groups throughout north India, it stood apart politically, as its vision of a religious rebirth for the nation was inflected by currents of international socialism. 
The Marty Center seems like an ideal forum for young scholars to tackle the fraught and complicated task of unpacking the relationship between religion and politics. 
Anthropology and Sociology of Religion