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January 29, 2001
Sighting religion in the public realm does not take one away from the organized church if one finds clerical leaders "out there" like the most public priest we have known, Chicago's Monsignor John "Jack" Egan.  
January 24, 2001
The recent revelations regarding the Reverend Jesse Jackson's private life have evoked great sadness and pain.  For over forty years, Jackson has been a world-class "public theologian," politician, and opinion leader. He was a close aide to Dr.
January 22, 2001
No one needs binoculars to do sightings of religion in American public life when a new president comes into view.  Presidents signal something of their and the nation's acknowledged needs and chosen images by bringing their clergy along to inaugurations.  The choice to take the oath of office on the Bible -- often open to a particular verse -- or to cite the Bible in an inaugural address signal
January 16, 2001
When "high culture" folks -- the well-educated and the well-off -- knock" organized religion" and "the institutional church," they and the media they favor (and who favor them in turn) do tend to give a free ride to nonmainstream, New, New Age, non-Western expressions and movements.
January 8, 2001
The United States Census has not collected religious data since 1936. Some religious groups do not want to be numbered or to release numbers, so counting or not became a religious issue.  
December 14, 2000
The "Great Dissenter" Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote that, in America, "we live by symbols." These words came to mind as I scanned a cluster of recent church-state stories.
December 11, 2000
Having barely mentioned here this year's presidential campaign, an explanation is in order.
December 4, 2000
It's been well over a week since a New York Times Magazine article by Eric Konigsberg portrayed Knicks point guard Charlie Ward as a crypto-anti-Semite. By now the story's details are probably familiar.  
October 30, 2000
*Sightings* has chosen to keep blinders on concerning the overdone, overcovered, overtreated presidential election campaign, full of religious nuances and blatancies though it be. But as Auction Day -- a.k.a. Election Day -- nears, it is time to be responsible. David C. Leege, veteran Notre Dame polltaker and polling-booth watcher, helpfully asks once again, "Is there a religious vote?"
October 26, 2000
Excommunication is very rare in American religious bodies. Can you think of an instance in which a lay person was ever excluded from membership?


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