Senior Ministry Project

The Senior Ministry Thesis is an in-depth exploration that demonstrates a student’s ability to foster thoughtful, rigorous and relevant dialogue between university, faith community, and society. 

The senior thesis serves as the culmination of the student’s Divinity School work. In the thesis writing process, students have the opportunity to trace the intellectual heritage of a selected issue and make a thoughtful contribution to the practical theological conversation. 

Successful completion of the Senior Ministry Thesis consists of three parts: 

  • Participation in a thesis seminar 
  • Completion of a 35-page paper, by the end of winter quarter of
  • A public presentation of thesis findings in the spring quarter of third year

Senior Ministry Presentations, Spring 2018


Monday, April 16th: Colton Lott, "A Theological Exploration of the So-Called Dying Church." 7:00 pm at Disciples Divinity House, (1156 E 57 St.)

Monday, April 23rd: Virginia White,  "Be Thou My Vision?: Moral Perception in a Neoliberal World."7:00pm at Disciples Divinity House, (1156 E 57 St. )

Tuesday, May 1st: Josh Menke, "The Eschaton Nearby: Contestations of Space and Time at Standing Rock. “  7:00 pm at Disciples Divinity House (1156 E. 57thSt.)

Monday, May 7th: Jonathan Cahill,  “Can Two Walk Together? The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada and the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo.”7:00 pm at Disciples Divinity House (1156 E 57 St.) 

Monday May 14:  Hannah Fitch,  “Posture and Praxis: A Role for an Evolving Church.”   7:00 pm at Disciples Divinity House (1156 E. 57thSt.) 

Tuesday, May 15: : Luke Allgeyer,  “You Are a Pilgrim and This Is a Pilgrimage,"will be held in the grassy area on the south side of Bond Chapel beginning at 6:30 PM,  with a reception and Q&A session in the Swift Hall Common Room. In the case of bad weather, the whole thing will take place in the Common Room.  

Thursday May 25: Nadan Cho, “As the Spirit Leads: Reimagining and Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Modern Particularity.”6 pm at Disciples Divinity House (1156 E. 57thSt.)