Senior Ministry Project

The Senior Ministry Thesis is an in-depth exploration that demonstrates a student’s ability to foster thoughtful, rigorous and relevant dialogue between university, faith community, and society. 

The senior thesis serves as the culmination of the student’s Divinity School work. In the thesis writing process, students have the opportunity to trace the intellectual heritage of a selected issue and make a thoughtful contribution to the practical theological conversation. 

Successful completion of the Senior Ministry Thesis consists of three parts: 

  • Participation in a thesis seminar 
  • Completion of a 35-page paper, by the end of winter quarter of
  • A public presentation of thesis findings in the spring quarter of third year


April 4, 7 pm: Quinn Rosenthal, “Skin in the Game: Toward Theological Engagement of Video Games and Gamer Culture.” 
Disciples Divinity House, 1156 E. 57th St.  

April 10, 7 pm:  Braxton Shelley, "Prisoners of Hope: Rev. Dr. William Barber, Moral Mondays, and the Sound of Transcendence."
Disciples Divinity House, 1156 E. 57th St. 

April 18, 7 pm: Robb Knuepfer, The Call to Work – A Christian Theological Perspective.”
Union Church of Hinsdale, 137 South Garfield, Hinsdale. 

April 19, 7 pm:  Alissia Thompson, “Ignorance is…Divine?  Reinterpreting the Christian Child.”
Irving Park Baptist Church,  4401 W. Irving Park Rd.

April 24, 5 pm: Erik Randall, “Mesostic for John Cage, Toni Packer, et al.”
Quaker Meeting House, 5615 S. Woodlawn Ave. 

May 1, 7 pm:  Keri Anderson, “"Eve made me do it." Psychological & Historical Implications of a Patriarchal Creation Myth.”  
Disciples Divinity House, 1156 E. 57th St. 

May 2, 7 pm:  Stephen Green, “ I Speak to God in Public: Preaching for a Revolution.” 
Rockefeller Chapel, 5850 S. Woodlawn Ave. 

May 5, 12 noon:  Will Kunert,  “Saving the Spirit of Medicine: Validating Chaplaincy through Quantitative Research.”
UChicago Medical Center, W229 of the Bob-Roberts Building, on the second floor, just above the Goldblatt Lobby located at 860 E 59th Street. 

May 7, 1 pm: Kiva Nice-Webb, "Staying Alive and Staying Mennonite: Remembering the Anabaptist Martyrs Rightly with Contemporary Mennonites in North America.” 
Ellis Avenue Church,  5001 S. Ellis Avenue. 
*Location information: The church is in an old house on the corner of Ellis Ave and 50th St. Parking is on the street. 

May 8, 7 pm:  Judith Guy, “Ministering to the Most of These: Confronting White Supremacy in the "white" Church.” 
University Church, 5655 S. University Ave. 

May 10, 7 pm:  Tonks Lynch, "The Meaning of Meaninglessness: A Theology of Suicide. "
Broadway United Methodist Church, 3338 N. Broadway (parking off of Buckingham). 

May 11, 7 pm: Lydia Gajdel, “Here in this Place: The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Creation of Sacred Space.
St. Paul and the Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester. 

May 15, 5:30 pm: Annemarie Kalson, “Life Rites: Ritual as a Technology for Healing and Wholeness.”
Bond Chapel (behind Swift Hall

May 16, 7 pm: Nora Zaki,  “Koran 13:28:  ‘Are hearts not at peace in the remembrance of God?’  An anthropology for spiritual care in a Sufi order.”
American Islamic College, Lecture Room, 640 W. Irving Park Road. 

May 18, 7pm:  Rick Durance, “Moving Congregations from Concern to Participation in the Environment"
University Church, 5655 S. University Ave. 

 May 23, 7:15 pm: Angela Parkinson, "To lose one's heart and not know to seek for it": Envisioning a Diasporic Confucian Ministry.
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. 

May 24, 7 pm: Saeed Richardson, "More Than a Sunday Thing: A New Model of Ecclesiastical Development for the 21st Century Realized Through the Lens of Baptist Polity.”
Greater Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church, 109 E 53rd St, Chicago 

May 26, 6 pm: Marshall Hatch, “Remembrance and Resurrection: The Slave-ship Icon at New Mt. Pilgrim Church.”
New Mount Pilgrim Church, 4301 W. Washington Blvd.