Senior Fellows Symposia, 2017

Senior Fellows in the Marty Center are scholars from the United States and other countries throughout the world, on sabbatical leave from their home institutions. At the Marty Center, they situate their research within a broader cultural frame of reference, bringing their perspectives to bear on religious questions facing the wider public.

Our Senior Fellows Symposia are open to the public.



Senior Fellow Symposium with Maliha Chishti: "Liberal Peace, Islam and the Politics of Gender-Focused Interventions in Afghanistan"

Tuesday, May 9 | 4:30pm | Swift Common Room (1st floor) 

Maliha Chishti (PhD, University of Toronto) teaches at the Chang School/ Sociology Department at Ryerson University, Toronto Canada. She is the former Director of the Hague Appeal for Peace at the United Nations and helped initiate the historic Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.  She is currently working on her manuscript, “Decolonizing Peacebuilding” and has published numerous articles on Afghan women, peace and conflict. Her current research involves the opportunities and challenges to peacebuilding in Muslim-majority contexts, focusing on the role of religion, traditional authority and the politics of mulitivocality and pluralism in post-conflict contexts.






Senior Fellow Symposium with Massimo Nardello: “God’s becoming as foundation of an interactional ecclesiology”
Thursday, May 11 | 4:30pm | Swift Common Room (1st floor)

Prof. Massimo Nardello (PhD, Gregorian University, Roma) is Professor of Systematic Theology in the Inter-Diocesan Theological Institute, Professor of Systematic Theology in the High Institute of Religious Studies (Modena), and contract professor of systematic theology in the Faculty of Theology, Bologna. His current research involves process theology within the Catholic tradition.