Sarah E. Fredericks

Assistant Professor of Environmental Ethics


PhD (Boston University)

Professor Fredericks joins us from the University of North Texas, where she was Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion.

Her research focuses on sustainability, sustainable energy, environmental guilt and shame, and environmental justice. Professor Fredericks holds a PhD in Science, Philosophy and Religion from Boston University. 

She is the author of Measuring and Evaluating Sustainability: Ethics in Sustainability Indexes (Routledge, 2013), and articles in Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and CultureInternational Journal of Sustainable Development and World EcologyEnvironmental Justice, and Ethics, Policy, and Environment. Fredericks co-edits a book series, Religious Ethics and Environmental Challenges (Lexington Press), with Kevin O'Brien.

Select work: 

Project on the ‘Age of Humans’ to explore human effect on environment



Read an interview with Prof. Fredericks in this issue of The Urban Research Review, profiling University of Chicago researchers whose work deepens our understanding of cities.

Swift 204A
Areas of study: 

Current and Upcoming Courses

Religious Ethics

RETH 30702 Introduction to Environmental Ethics

RETH 34205 The Place of Science in Religious Environmental Ethics

RETH 42604 Collective Guilt, Shame and Responsibility

RETH 46502 Comparative Religious Environmental Ethics

RETH 47750 Virtue Ethics

RETH 51802 Climate Change Ethics