Romulus Stefanut

“The Therapeutae as Philo‟s Paradigm for Bios Theoretikos. An Inter-textual Reading of Philo’s De vita contemplativa”

My name is Romulus Daniel Stefanut, a PhD candidate in the Divinity School, working on Philo of Alexandria. My dissertation, focusing on Hellenistic teleology, is tentatively entitled: “The Therapeutae as Philo‟s Paradigm for Bios Theoretikos. An Inter-textual Reading of Philo’s De vita contemplativa.”

I am very excited to be part of this prestigious research community at the Martin Marty Center. This fellowship will allow me to focus on completing my dissertation, as well as teaching a course that is directly related to my research. I will treasure the opportunity to be mentored by a faculty member and to receive and provide feedback to other fellow peers. Explaining my research to a wider audience will also help me towards becoming a public intellectual. I’m also looking forward to teaching a class on Judaism at Lake Forest College. All these exchanges under the auspices of the Martin Marty Center will provide an invaluable learning experience, for which I am very grateful.