Resources for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Interested in pursuing coursework and research on women, gender, and sexuality? The following pages offer information and opportunities for both within the Divinity School and in the wider University of Chicago community – in our Centers, our workshops and student organizations, library and information resources, and of course through classwork and faculty members.

The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality   is a major center for faculty and graduate research and pedagogical training and has developed an extensive undergraduate program in gender and sexuality studies. Areas of faculty interest include gender and sexuality studies in the fields of literature and language, history, political science, biology, sociology, anthropology, economics, visual arts, media studies, human development, law, religion, and medicine. In addition to an extensive and helpful list of University faculty whose research and teaching interests include gender and sexuality, the Center also offers courses and fellowships, prizes, and teaching positions.

The Karla Scherer Center for the Study of American Cultur promotes multidisciplinary research and coursework on American culture; the center offers courses, frequent lunch talks, lectures, and other events. Many of these events feature scholars of gender, women, and sexuality. 

The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality—List of Affiliated Faculty


Divinity School faculty and affiliated faculty with teaching and research interests in topics relating to women, gender, and sexuality.

by area of study

History of Christianity

History of Religions

Philosophy of Religions

Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture

Religious Ethics


In addition to classroom instruction, The Divinity School at The University of Chicago cultivates intellectual growth via specialized forums and workshops. Many of these workshops provide students the opportunity to publicly present their ideas and gain critical feedback. We also off organizations for students to gather and learn from one another while fostering a collegial atmosphere.

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop (GSSW) is an interdisciplinary workshop committed to the development of critical perspectives on gender and sexuality. The goal of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Working Group (GSSWG) is to provide graduate students a forum and space to workshop research and writing at any point in the progress of the work. Visit the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality for more information.

At the Divinity School, clubs and workshops, organized around formal areas of academic study as well as student interests, form an important part of daily life in Swift Hall.

Current clubs include:

The Divinity School Women’s Caucus (DSWC)

The Women’s Caucus is sponsored by the Divinity Students Association (DSA). Women's Caucus members at large span the Divinity School’s 12 sub-fields and 4 degree programs. The vision of the Women’s Caucus is to make the Divinity School the community of choice for female scholars of religion. Goals fall into three major categories: professionalization, mentoring, and advocacy. With those goals in mind, events (weekly tea times, discussion groups, and panels) are structured, among other things, to help members feel more at home in the classroom or on the job market, build relationship with other students and to learn how to interact comfortably with faculty and administration. For more information, contact the Women’s Caucus at , or visit DSWC online at

Phoenix Garden

The Phoenix Garden serves as creative space for the nurturing and development of the next wave of Womanist Scholars at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Primarily for female students who have Diasporic ties to Africa and experience socio-political intersectionality, this group seeks to present voices from the margin and resurrect voices from culture as we celebrate and promote academic excellence, cultural, community, spiritual, and social cognizance and activism. To learn more, contact  Lori Taylor , Renita Ward , or Teisha Cassel


We offer over 100 courses a year in the academic study of religion. This is a representative, not a comprehensive, list of past courses on women, gender, and sexuality.

History of Christianity

Women in American Religious History, 1630 – present (Staff)
Incarnation and the Body in the Latin West: From Tertullian to Thomas Aquinas (Otten)
Late Medieval Women: Authorship and Authority (Otten)
Gender, Power, and Religion in Medieval Europe (800-1100) (Pick)

History of Religions

Myths of Transvestism and Transsexuality (Doniger)
Religion, Sex, Politics, and Release in Ancient India (Doniger)

Islamic Studies

Women Writing Persian: Survey of Poetry and Prose (Lewis)

Religion and Literature

Subject/Subjectivity (Meltzer)

Religious Ethics

Texts of Indian Modernity: Rabindranath Tagore's Writings about Nationalism, Universalism, Gender and Faith (Nussbaum/Sarkar)


Feminist Theory and Theology: Beauvoir’s Second Sex (Culp)
Black Theology and Womanist Theology (Hopkins)