Religion and the Democratic Prospect

Spring 2005 Conference

The spring 2005 conference on Religion and the Democratic Prospect will be held on May 12 and 13. All are welcome to participate, but are required to read the papers in advance.

Hard copies of the papers are available from Susie McGee in the Marty Center, Swift 221.


Thursday, May 12

2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m., Swift Common Room, 1025 East 58th Street

"Comparing Religions, Legally, or Comparing Law Comparing Religion"

Author: Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, dean of students and senior lecturer in the Anthropology and Sociology of Religion at the Divinity School

Respondent: Frank Benzoni, visiting assistant professor of management in the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

"A Political Ideal for Religious Progressives in America"

Author: Michael Kessler, assistant dean for strategic planning and faculty development and instructor in the College at Georgetown University

Respondent: Barbra Barnett, Ph.D. candidate in Religious Ethics at the Divinity School

Friday, May 13

9:00 a.m.–12:00 noon, Swift Common Room, 1025 East 58th Street

"'As Dew Among the Nations': The Messianic Idea in Liberal Judaism"

Author: Jerome Eric Copulsky, assistant professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and director of the Judaic Studies Program at Virginia Tech University

Respondent: Kristin Van Heyningen, Ph.D. candidate in Religious Ethics at the Divinity School

"Citizenship and Invisibility: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Race, and Democratic Prospects"

Author: Richard A. Rosengarten, dean and associate professor of religion and literature in the Divinity School

Respondent: Cassie Adcock, Ph.D. candidate in the History of Religions at the Divinity School

People with special needs requiring assistance please contact the Divinity School in advance, at 773-702-8200.