Religion and Culture Web Forum Archive 2011/2010

2011-2012 issues of the Religion and Culture Web Forum were edited by Vince Evener.

December 2011
Whose Lion Is It, Anyway? Rescuing the Chronicles of Narnia from the Christian Academy
by Emanuelle Burton (University of Chicago; Martin Marty Center Dissertation Fellow)

With invited responses by:

Robert Boenig (Texas A&M University, English);
Wesley A. Kort (Duke University, Religion);
Thomas Schmidt (University of Chicago)
and Naomi Wood (Kansas State University, English).



November 2011
Freud's Theory of Jewishness: For Better and For Worse
by Eliza Slavet (University of California, San Diego; author of Racial Fever: Freud and the Jewish Question)

With invited responses by:

Nadia Abu El-Haj (Columbia University, Anthropology); 
Jay Geller (Vanderbilt Divinity School, Jewish Studies);
Abigail Gillman (Boston University, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature); and
Lydia R. Kerr (Utah Valley University, English Literature). 

**The essay by Dr. Slavet is from The Jewish World of Sigmund Freud: Essays on Cultural Roots and the Problem of Religious Identity © 2010 Edited by Arnold D. Richards by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640.



October 2011
The Future of Muslim Family Law in Western Democracies
by John Witte Jr. (Emory University, Center for the Study of Law and Religion)

With an invited response co-authored by Ira C. Lupu and Robert W. Tuttle, both of George Washington University.



September 2011
Dancing in God: The Relevance of Ritual for Conceiving the Divine Today
by Curtis L. Thompson (Thiel College)

With invited responses by:

Steven Guthrie (Belmont University);
Todd E. Johnson (Fuller Theological Seminary);
and Marcia Mount Shoop (University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, NC). 



July 2011
Global Religious Education: Dalit Perspective
by Dr. James Massey (Director of the Centre for Dalit/Subaltern Studies, International Association of Black Religions and Spiritualities)

With an invited response by Joshua Daniel (University of Chicago, Martin Marty Center Jr. Fellow).



June 2011
Cultivating Trust: Vulnerability and Creativity in Moral Education
by Joshua Daniel (University of Chicago, Martin Marty Center Jr. Fellow)

With invited responses by:

Martin Marty (University of Chicago); and
Scott Paeth (DePaul University). 



May 2011
American Muslims and the Constitution

Featuring Reasons Public and Divine: Liberal Democracy, Shari‘a Fundamentalism, and the Epistemological Crisis of Islam by Vincent J. Cornell (Emory University). 

With invited responses by:

Sherman Jackson (University of Michigan);
John Kelsay (Florida State);
Brett T. Wilmot (Villanova University); and
Anthony Banout (University of Chicago; Martin Marty Center Junior Fellow). 

**The essay by Professor Cornell originally appeared in Rethinking Islamic Studies: From Orientalism to Cosmopolitanism, eds. Carl W. Ernst and Richard C. Martin. It is available here electronically with the kind permission of the University of South Carolina Press.



April 2011
On Tree Marriage, and Encountering the Rituals of Others
by Anne Mocko (University of Chicago; Martin Marty Center Jr. Fellow)

With invited responses by:

Wendy Doniger (University of Chicago);
Reid Locklin (University of Toronto); 
and Benjamin Schonthal (University of Chicago). 



March 2011
The Death of the Dharma: Buddhist Sutra Burials in Early Medieval Japan
by D. Max Moerman (Barnard College)

With invited responses by:

James W. Watts (Syracuse UniversityIconic Books Project);
Jeff Wilson (Renison University College, University of Waterloo);
and Vincent Wimbush (Claremont Graduate UniversityInstitute for Signifying Scriptures).

This article is reproduced electronically from The Death of Sacred Texts: Ritual Disposal and Renovation of Texts in World Religions, ed. Kristina Myrvold, and is presented here with permission of the publisher, Ashgate Press.



February 2011
"Too Dogmatic for Words"? Karl Barth's Comic Theology in Dialogue with the Comedy of Craig Ferguson
By Jessica N. DeCou (University of Chicago)

With invited responses by:

Daniel Boscaljon (University of Iowa);
and Ralph C. Wood (Baylor University).



January 2011
Exodus and Ethiopia
By Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp (University of North Carolina)

With invited responses by:

W. Clark Gilpin (University of Chicago);
Kathryn Lofton (Yale University);
and Josef Sorett (Columbia University). 

"Exodus and Ethiopia" digitally reproduced by permission of the publisher from Setting Down the Sacred Past: African-American Race Histories by Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, pp. 154-200, Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Copyright © 2010 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. #



December 2010

The Spirit of David: Negotiating Faith and Masculinity in Black Gospel Performance
by Melvin Butler (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by E. Patrick Johnson (Northwestern University) and Kyle Wagner (University of Chicago).



November 2010
When Religion is Not a Choice
by Slavica Jakelic (Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture)

With invited responses by Grace Davie (University of Exeter), Edin Hajdarpasic (Loyola University Chicago), and Kevin Schultz (University of Illinois--Chicago).



October 2010
The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought
by Sarah Hammerschlag (Williams College)
With an invited response by Jonathan Boyarin (University of North Carolina).



September 2010
Lonesome: The Spiritual Meanings of American Solitude
by Kevin Lewis (University of South Carolina)
With invited responses by Robert J. Higgs (East Tennessee State), Walter Jost (University of Virginia), Paul Kane (Vassar College), Roger Lundin (Wheaton College), and Henry Weinfield (University of Notre Dame).



July 2010
The Primacy of Rhetoric: Ernesto Grassi's Recovery of Humanism and the Possibilities for Philosophy and Religious Studies
by W. David Hall (Centre College)
With invited responses by Andrew W. Hass (University of Stirling), Jeffrey Jay (University of Chicago), Santiago Pinon (University of Chicago), Donald Phillip Verene (Emory University), and Glenn Whitehouse (Florida Gulf Coast University).



June 2010
The Literary Practice of Belief
by Amy Hungerford
With invited responses by Thomas J. Ferraro (Duke University), Amy Frykholm (The Christian Century), Constance Furey (Indiana University), Jeffrey J. Kripal (Rice University), Caleb J. D. Maskell (Princeton University), Edward Mendelson (Columbia University), Richard A. Rosengarten (University of Chicago Divinity School), and Glenn W. Shuck (Williams College).



May 2010
Vulnerability and the Possibility of Progress: Reflections on a Workshop
by David Newheiser (University of Chicago Divinity School)
With a reponse by Richard Land via a workshop presentation, "Christians, Public Policy, and Church and State Separation," and a response from Rick Elgendy (University of Chicago Divinity School).



April 2010
Devotion to Solipsism: Religious Thought and Practice in Jack Kerouac's Tristessa
by Spencer Dew (University of Chicago Divinity School)
With invited responses by Benedict Giamo (University of Notre Dame), Sarah Haynes (University of Western Illinois), Nancy Grace (College of Wooster), Amy Hungerford (Yale University), Omar Swartz (University of Colorado, Denver), Matt Theado (Gardner-Webb University) and Eric Ziolkowski (Lafayette College).



March 2010
Picturing Uncle Tom's Cabin from Harlem, 1938
by Laura A. Lindenberger Wellen
With invited responses by John Howell (University of Chicago Divinity School) and Jo-Ann Morgan (Western Illinois University).



February 2010
The Man in Black: Matisyahu, Identity, and Authenticity
by Sarah Imhoff (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Melvin L. Butler (University of Chicago), Judah Cohen (Indiana University), Annalise E. Glauz-Todrank (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Nora Rubel (University of Rochester).



January 2010
The Uses and Misuses of Polytheism and Monotheism in Hinduism
by Wendy Doniger (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Martin E. Marty (University of Chicago Divinity School), Willemien Otten (University of Chicago Divinity School), Katherine E. Ulrich (Brooklyn, NY), and Ananya Vajpeyi (University of Massachusetts, Boston).