Religion and Culture Web Forum Archive 2009/2008

December 2009
'Something Deeper than Reason': Violence and Nonviolence in the Plowshares Nuclear Disarmament Movement
by Kristen J. Tobey (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Sharon Erickson Nepstad (University of New Mexico), Jon Pahl (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia), and Scott Appleby (University of Notre Dame).



November 2009
Theorizing Theodicy in the Study of Religion
by Mark S. M. Scott
With invited responses by Kevin Taylor (Boston University), Sally Stamper (University of Chicago Divinity School), Charles Long (University of California, Santa Barbara, emeritus), and Bryan L. Wagoner (Harvard University).



October 2009
Recent Work in Pragmatism that Takes Religion Seriously: Making Room for Radical Impermanence and Existential Issues
by Andre C. Willis
With an invited response by Corey D. B. Walker (Brown University).



September 2009
Eating, Feeding, and Flesh: Food in Victorian Spiritualsim
by Marlene Tromp
With invited responses by Gail Turley Houston (University of New Mexico) and Daniel Sack (University of Chicago).



July 2009
Flowers in the Dark: African American Consciousness, Laughter, and Resistance in Toni Morrison's Beloved
by Jacqueline Bussie
With invited responses by John Howell (University of Chicago), Cooper Harriss (University of Chicago), Joseph Winters (Princeton University), and Zhange Ni (Virginia Tech).



June 2009
Sacred Property:  Searching for Value in the 9/11 Rubble
by Mateo Taussig-Rubbo
With invited responses by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan (University at Buffalo), Kathryn Lofton (Visiting Fellow, Princeton University), Kristen Tobey (PhD candidate, University of Chicago), and Jeremy Biles (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).



May 2009
Religion, Media, and Cultural Studies
by Richard Fox (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Stewart Hoover (University of Colorado), Ghada Hashem Talhami (Lake Forest College), Mark Hobart (University of London), and Kathleen Moore (University of California, Santa Barbara).



April 2009
Oprah: Gospel of an Icon
by Kathryn Lofton (Yale University)
With invited responses by Daniel Sack (University of Chicago), Kerry Ferris (Northern Illinois University), Gary Laderman (Emory University), Aaron Jaffe (University of Louisville), and Jane Iwamura (University of Southern California). 



March 2009
Theological Cartography and the Arboreal Imagination in Israel-Palestine
by Alain Epp Weaver (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by David Blakewell Burrell, S.C.S. (Notre Dame University), Amahl Bishara (Tufts University), and Loren Lybarger (Ohio University).



February 2009
The Virtual Rebbe
by Jeffrey Shandler
With invited responses by Sarah Imhoff (University of Chicago), Ellen Koskoff (University of Rochester), and Faye Ginsburg (New York University).



January 2009
The Capability of Play
by Jeffrey Irving Israel
With invited responses by Sarah Hammerschlag (Williams College), Barbra Barnett (PhD candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School), and Jal Mehta (Harvard Graduate School of Education).



December 2008
The Reification of Evil and the Failure of Theodicy:  The Devil in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov
by Stephen Meredith
With invited responses by Susan McReynolds Oddo  (Northwestern University), Robert Bird (University of Chicago), and Ralph C Wood (Baylor University).



November 2008
Sketch of a Phenomenological Concept of Sacrifice
by Jean-Luc Marion (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Slavoj Zizek (The European Graduate School), Jeremy Biles (University of Chicago), and Christina Gschwandtner (University of Scranton).



October 2008
The Enchantments of Secular Belief
by Danilyn Rutherford
With invited responses by Malika Zeghal (University of Chicago), W. Clark Gilpin (University of Chicago), and Charles Hirschkind (University of California, Berkeley). 



September 2008
Secularism, Religious Renaissance, and Social Conflict in Asia
by Richard Madsen
With invited responses by Hong You (University of Chicago), Prasenjit Duara (National University of Singapore), and Robert Weller (Boston University).



June 2008
The Altar and the Screen: Filmmaking and Worldmaking
by S. Brent Plate
With invited responses by Crystal Downing (Messiah College), Jean Bethke Elshtain (University of Chicago), Robert Johnston (Fuller Theological Seminary), and William Paden (University of Vermont).



May 2008
More than a Mere Contract: Marriage as Contract and Covenant in Law and Theology
by John Witte, Jr. (Emory University)
With invited responses by Brian Bix (University of Minnesota), Don Browning (University of Chicago), Christine Hayes (Yale University), David Novak (University of Toronto), and Charles Reid, Jr. (University of St. Thomas).



April 2008
What Athens Has to Do with Jerusalem: Location and the Origin of Ethics
by William Schweiker (University of Chicago)
With invited responses by Douglas Anderson (Loyola University), William Burrows (Orbis Books), Terry Clark (University of Chicago), Arthur E. Farnsley II (IUPUI), and Rev. Laura Sumner Truax (LaSalle Street Church).



March 2008
The Last Prophet: Spinoza and the Political Theology of Moses Hess
by Jerome Copulsky (Goucher College)
With invited responses by Rabbi Shai Held (Jewish Theological Seminary of America), Leah Hochman (University of Florida), Jeffrey Israel (University of Chicago), and Ben Sax (University of Chicago).



February 2008
The Preacher in the Text: Zora Neale Hurston and the Homiletics of Literature
by M. Cooper Harriss (University of Chicago Divinity School)
With invited responses by Kimberly Connor (University of San Francisco), Dolan Hubbard (Morgan State University), Carolyn Medine (University of Georgia), and Teresa Stricklen (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary).



January 2008
Agape, Special Relations, and the Global Care Crisis: Challenging a “Two-Track” Understanding of the Obligations of Christian Love
by Sandra Sullivan Dunbar (University of Chicago Divinity School)
With formal responses by Gloria H. Albrecht (University of Detroit Mercy) and Peter Meilaender (Houghton College)