Religion and Culture Web Forum Archive 2007/2006

December 2007
The Gospel of Freedom, or Another Gospel? Augustinian Reflections on American Foreign Policy
by James K.A. Smith
With formal responses by Eric Gregory (Princeton University), D. C. Schindler (Villanova University), Paul Williams (Regent College).



November 2007
Religion and Museums on the National Mall
by Elizabeth McKeown (Georgetown University)
With formal responses by Michael Berenbaum (The Berenbaum Group), Alison Landsberg (George Mason University), and Ed Linenthal (Indiana University).



October 2007
Beleaguered Success: How Korean Evangelicalism Fared In The 1990s
by Timothy S. Lee
With formal responses by Daniel Bays, Kelly H. Chong, Hyojae Lee, Paul C. H. Lim, and Elizabeth Underwood.



September 2007
In Search of the Common Good: The Catholic Roots Of American Liberalism
by Lew Daly 
With formal responses by Joseph Bottum, Richard W. Garnett, and Thomas Zebrowski.



June 2007
Christian Responses to Vietnam: The Organization of Dissent
by Mark G. Toulouse
With formal responses by Mark Hulsether and Eugene McCarraher.



May 2007
The Desire to Acquire: Or, Why Shopping Malls Are Sites of Religious Violence 
by Jon Pahl
With formal responses by Peter Childs, James Farrell, Vincent Miller, and James Wellman.



April 2007
From Altered States to Altered Categories (and Back Again): Academic Method and the Human Potential Movement
by Jeffrey J. Kripal
With formal responses by Stephen Fredman and Robert Fuller.



March 2007
Secularism: Religious, Irreligious, and Areligious
by W. Clark Gilpin (University of Chicago Divinity School)
With formal responses by John Schmalzbauer (Missouri State University) and Kristen Tobey (University of Chicago).



February 2007
The Earth Charter as a New Covenant for Democracy
by J. Ronald Engel
With formal responses by Klaus Bosselmann, Lois Livezey, Paul Heltne, Stephen Rowe, and Laura Westra.



January 2007
From Artaxerxes to Abu Ghraib: On Religion and the Pornography of Imperial Violence
by Bruce Lincoln
With a formal response by Amy Kaplan.



December 2006
War as Worship, Worship as War
by Michael Sells
With formal responses by Ahmed M. Rehab.



November 2006
Justification and Truth, Relativism and Pragmatism: Reflections on Indian Philosophy and its Lessons for Religious Studies
by Daniel A. Arnold
With formal responses by Michael Kremer and Ronney Mourad.



October 2006
Improvisation and Ethics: Improvising Music, Improvising Ethics
by Daniel Groll, University of Chicago
With formal responses by Carl Joakim Gagnon, Eric Lewis, Brian Soucek, and John G. Stackhouse, Jr.



September 2006
Learning Religion at the Vineyard: Prayer, Discernment and Participation in the Divine
by Tanya Luhrmann, University of Chicago
With formal responses by Heather Curtis, Joel Robbins, Richard A. Rosengarten, and Angela Tarango.



June 2006
Religious Identities of Latin American Immigrants in Chicago: Preliminary Findings from Field Research
by Andrea Althoff, Senior Fellow, Martin Marty Center
With formal responses by Martin Marty, Peter Versteeg, and R. Stephen Warner.



May 2006
How Biblical is the Christian Right?
by Margaret M. Mitchell, University of Chicago
With a formal response by Randall Balmer.



April 2006
Human Rights and Cross-Cultural Dialogue
by Joseph Prabhu, Senior Fellow, The Martin Marty Center
With formal responses by Richard Shweder and Martin E. Marty.



March 2006
Trading Faces: A Case Study in the Science of Identity, Aesthetics, Ethics

Selected essays from a roundtable discussion on tissue transplantation by Naomi BeckBrian Soucek, and William Schweiker.

With formal responses by Jeremy Biles and Geoffrey Rees.



February 2006
Many Gods, Many Paths: Hinduism and Religious Diversity
by Wendy Doniger
With formal responses by Gurcharan Das and Damodar Prabhu.



January 2006
The Widening Gap: Economic Inequality as a Religious Issue
by Franklin I. Gamwell
With a formal response by Bruce Rittenhouse.