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Students throughout the Divinity School—in all four degree programs, in all eleven areas of study, and at all points of progress—are engaged in the tasks of reading, thinking, posing questions, following leads, arguing points, and trying to shift perspectives on materials familiar and esoteric.  And they are all somehow trying to get a handle on what religion is and why it matters that we understand it in continually better ways. We invited a cross-section of our current students to share their perspectives on life and work in Swift Hall and its contexts. Further down the page, get to know Dean Richard A. Rosengarten and Dean of Students Teresa Hord Owens through their responses to the question, Why Chicago?

MDiv Student Annemarie KalsonAnnemarie Kalson, MDiv Student

"Outside of the classroom I am employed at the Divinity School coffee shop, Grounds of Being, have a committed Zen meditation practice that involves daily meditation and periodic 2-7 day silent retreats, and am a yoga practitioner and certified teacher. Recently I have applied to be a mentor for LGBTQ undergraduate students through the Office of LGBTQ Student Life. With fellow Divinity School students I hope to form a meditation group to support each other in our practice that so often can become lost in the demands of academia. As I settle in to my new life as a graduate student in Chicago I look forward to exploring the numerous opportunities available to me both on campus and in Hyde Park. I hope to make a positive contribution to this community during my stay here."

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Angela Lei Parkinson, MDiv Student

"The University of Chicago Divinity School was and is my first-choice because of its commitment to a rigorous foundation in traditions. For me as an aspiring scholar, this means gaining a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of my research traditions’ history, literature, languages, and philosophy/theology. As someone seeking to be a practitioner of ministry, I see the Divinity School’s commitment to traditions in this sense in its structured, three-year, and cohort-based program, which provides the student with a strong foundation on which to develop one’s personal form of care of others. "

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MDiv Student Nora ZakiNora Zaki, MDiv Student

"My goal is to build bridges. I’m most likely going to continue with academia and pursue a PhD.  But, I also want to focus on service and activism, so I don’t want to only be in the “ivory tower.”  With my growing Arabic skills, working in diplomacy and ambassadorship is another possibility."

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Emily Crews, PhD Student in History of ReligionsEmily Crews, PhD Student in History of Religions

"Although I applied and was accepted to a number of other programs for the masters, I was very compelled by the Div School's reputation for a stellar faculty and a strong theoretical approach to the study of religion. After visiting and meeting with several professors and the dean of students, I was convinced that there was no better place to prepare me for doctoral programs. After two years as a master's student, I had become a part of a lively and highly rigorous community of scholars and couldn't imagine pursuing my doctoral degree anywhere else . . . My goal is, of course, to become a genius on a global scale. Failing that, I hope to become a professor at a college or university that values independent thought and the art of teaching, and to produce work that contributes positively to the discussion of religion, gender, and health in Africa. Additionally, I plan to continue work with development organizations to tailor their HIV and AIDS programs to the cultural and religious nuances of the communities they serve."

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Michael Le Chevallier, PhD Student in Religious EthicsMichael Le Chevallier, PhD Student in Religious Ethics

"Chicago is an incredibly livable city. Even as it lacks the hiking typical of my native Oregon, I've been able to get my nature fix by heading to the lake. Further, I've enjoyed the surreal experience of biking next to skyscrapers, and finding quiet bird reserves where you can almost imagine the city isn't there. I've loved the music life here, and manage by bike, by public transit, and with the occasional taxi to explore the city through it in every season. My first winter was tough, but I've subsequently managed after gaining an affection for coco, smart wool and peacoats."

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PhD Student Nadia Khan with her husbandNadia Khan, PhD Student in Islamic Studies

"The friendships I have made are hands down the highlight of my time at the Divinity School. This is a place where people strive for high standards of academic excellence but do so without being in cutthroat competition with one another (for the most part!). One place where you can see this in action is the Islamic Studies workshop in which my colleagues and I help each other on our writing and prep each other for conference presentations. It’s cliché to say this but true that I have learned just as much from my peers as I have from my courses."

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Rachel L. Watson, PhD Student in Religion and LiteratureRachel L. Watson, PhD Student in Religion and Literature

"I am interested in American culture and American mythology as it impacts identity formation and participates in generating (and sometimes rewriting) history. My current investigations are into the gaps between history (this category continues to shift as I begin to include recorded histories as constructed narratives in their own right) and cultural representation. In short, I wish to see what happened, what is said about what happened, and how the latter is made to fit into a grander American narrative (to give an example from current dialogues, the myth of civil rights in America as continuously progressing, with the experience, notably in the singular, of black Americans set as the gauge and the institution of slavery and the election of Obama set as nadir and apex) . . . The role of literature and popular cultural production in creating, policing, and critiquing these kinds of mythic narratives is at the center of my research, especially since the final aim is to reveal the ways that seemingly secular ideas and ideals are in truth religious commitments. In my experience so far, God language is not needed to evoke human behaviors that might, when linguistic explicitness is removed as a criterion, be referred to as religious--e.g., absolute belief ('the self-evident') that leads to action, efforts at conversion and conformity, the advent of durable systems for evaluating other beings, etc."

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Hector Varela-Rios and his spouseHector Varela Rios, PhD Student in Theology

"I needed the best fit for my life, and Swift Hall was it: the program (academics, faculty, resources) is one of the best in the country; UChicago is a top-notch research institution; Chicago is a fabulous city; suburban life here offered great opportunities for my teenage sons and young adult daughter (who hopefully will attend University of Illinois as a grad student in 2016); my wife thankfully found employment easily. But, in the end, it was the people I met during the Prospective Students' Day that made the difference. From current students to Dean Mitchell, I was personally welcomed and encouraged to attend. That 'sealed the deal' for me."

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Sarah Yardney, PhD Student in Bible

Sarah Yardney, PhD Student in Bible

"I think the best features of the Bible program here are its rigor and its flexibility. My professors expect me to master a formidable quantity of material and to think about it with subtlety, acuity, and integrity. They have also encouraged me to put together a program of study that reflects my specific interests. I have never felt that there is only one way to proceed or that I need to step neatly into my professors’ footprints. In addition to being taught and mentored by excellent professors, I have benefited greatly from the insight, enthusiasm, and fellowship of my classmates."


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Dean Richard A. Rosengarten

Dean Rosengarten discusses the points of light in his experience as a member of the Divinity School, Hyde Park, and Chicagoland communities.

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Dean of Students Teresa Hord Owens

Dean Owens responds to the question, "Why Chicago?" Hear what she has to say about choosing to pursue an MDiv at the University of Chicago, and about why she came back to work with students in her current role.

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