Paul Higdon

AMRS student


Why did you decide to pursue the AMRS program at The University of Chicago Divinity School?

I had been an autodidact in comparative religions for well over a decade. It was thoroughly enjoyable; however, the time came for me to pursue my studies at a higher level within a serious community. Frankly, I came to the Divinity School so better to know my god.

How is the program at the Divinity School and the wider University helping you attain your goals?

I have had the privilege of being able to attend some very fine universities throughout the world. I must say that the consistency of excellence of the courses at the Divinity School exceeds anything I have experienced.

What is your current profession and how might your AMRS degree change the way in which you pursue that profession?

While there is little direct relevance of the material of the Divinity School to the highly technical aspects of modern finance which I teach, the spiritual dimension of School continues to inspire me to deal with the multiplicity of life's challenges with an equanimity and wholesome perspective somewhat scarce in the hurly burly of American business.

What have been the highlights of your experiences thus far?

In class and in my readings, I am listening for the spirit of the divine and I am finding it in many quarters. This is one of the great benefits of coming back to school after so many years and not having to worry about grades and next professional steps—you can allow yourself the luxury of bathing in great wisdom and enlightenment.

What do you plan to do after you have completed your degree from the Divinity School?

I may well be retiring from my profession shortly after I finish my degree. What enormous enrichment the school has brought to my life for whatever my further pursuits may be!