Our Experts

Divinity School faculty represent an unparalleled depth of expertise in all five major world religions (Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism), throughout their historical periods, and other religious movements, past and present. Fuller biographies are available on each faculty member's website or downloadable as a PDF booklet.

You may also print a PDF version of our faculty expert list (keyword and name). 


Expert list
Daniel A. Arnold
Professor of the Philosophy of Religions
Keywords: Buddhism; Indian Buddhist philosophy

Yousef Casewit
Professor of Qur’anic Studies
Keywords: Qur’an; Muslim perceptions of the Bible; North Africa; *Arabic speaker

Simeon Chavel
Professor of Hebrew Bible    
Keywords: Bible, Ancient Israel, Early Judaism

Ryan Coyne
Professor of Philosophy of Religions and Theology
Keywords: Modern European philosophy; Christian theology; Nietzsche; religious experience; Christian mysticism, Augustinian theology, Freudian psychoanalysis

Kristine A. Culp
Professor of Theology and Dean of the Disciples Divinity House
Keywords: Feminist and womanist theologies; Protest and resistance; Contemporary theology; Disciples of Christ (Christian Church)

Arnold I. Davidson
Professor of the Philosophy of Judaism and Philosophy of Religions
Keywords:  Judaism (modern, contemporary); European philosophy; the Holocaust; Jewish learning and identity

Wendy Doniger
Professor of the History of Religions
Keywords: Hinduism, Kama Sutra, Indian religion; mythology

Alireza Doostdar
Professor of Islamic Studies and the Anthropology of Religion  
Keywords: Islam, Iran, Religion and science, gender; Islamic state; New Age and occult topics

Jas' Elsner
Professor of Art and Religion
Keywords: Classics; Roman Empire; Art of the Roman Empire; Byzantium

Curtis J. Evans
Professor of American Religions and the History of Christianity      
Keywords: American religion; History of American religions; race and religion in US history; Slavery and Christianity; the “Black Church”; African American religion; Billy Graham; the Christian Right; Conservative Protestantism

Michael Fishbane
Professor of Jewish Studies
Keywords:  Judaism, Rabbinics, Semitic languages, biblical studies; Mishnah; ancient Near East; (Jewish) mysticism; modern Jewish thought

Sarah E. Fredericks
Professor of Environmental Ethics  
Keywords: Environment, Ethics, Environmental Ethics

Sarah Hammerschlag
Professor of Religion and Literature, Philosophy of Religions, History of Judaism
Keywords: Judaism, Postwar France; *Director of Masters programs

Kevin Hector
Professor of Theology and of the Philosophy of Religions    
Keywords: Faith commitments; contemporary and history theology

Angie Heo
Professor of the Anthropology and Sociology of Religion
Keywords: Global Christianities; Korea, Religion, media, and economy; Pacific Rim; Capitalism

Dwight N. Hopkins
Professor of Theology
Keywords: Black theology, Liberation theology, Womanism; Contemporary theology; *Ordained American Baptist Minister.  

Jeff Jay
Instructor in New Testament and Early Christian Literature
Keywords: New Testament; Early Christianity

Matthew Kapstein
Professor of Buddhist Studies      
Keywords: Buddhism; Tibetan Buddhism; Tibet and China; Philosophies of India; Evil; Death

Karin Krause
Professor of Byzantine Theology and Visual Culture
Keywords: Byzantium; Byzantine art; book illumination; iconography; relics; Medieval and Early Christian art; classical heritage; *German speaker

Cynthia Gano Lindner
Director of Ministry Studies and Clinical Faculty for Preaching and Pastoral Care
Keywords:  Ministry; Contemporary religious leadership; Congregational life; Pastoral issues; Communal violence and trauma; *Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); member of American Association of Pastoral Counselors and International Association for Spiritual Care.

Jean-Luc Marion
Professor of Catholic Studies, Philosophy of Religions and Theology  
Keywords:  Modern philosophy; God; *French speaker

David Martinez
Professor of Classics
Keywords: Classical World; Papyrology; Early Christianity; Ancient Greece

Françoise Meltzer
Professor of the Philosophy of Religions, Comparative Literature, and Humanities
Keywords: Suffering; Modernity; Joan of Arc; literature

Paul Mendes-Flohr
Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought
Keywords: modern Jewish intellectual history, modern Jewish philosophy and religious thought, philosophy of religion, German intellectual history, intellectualism; Martin Buber

Richard B. Miller
Professor of Religious Ethics
Keywords: religion and public life, political and social ethics, theory and method in religious thought and ethics, and practical ethics; Just War (ethics of war)

Margaret M. Mitchell
Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature
Keywords: (Ancient and Early) Christianity; New Testament; Greco-Roman World

Willemien Otten
Professor of Theology and the History of Christianity
Keywords: Nature; History of Christianity; Medieval Christianity; Humanism; Betsy DeVos; Dutch Humanities

Lucy K. Pick
Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Keywords: Medieval period, The Middle Ages; Women in the medieval world; Christianity and gender; Religion and ritual; Gender studies; *Undergraduate students/college students

James T. Robinson
Professor of the History of Judaism, Islamic Studies, and the History of Religions
Keywords: Medieval period; Middle Ages; Jewish Studies, Jewish history; Interactions among Jewish, Islamic, and Christian traditions

Richard A. Rosengarten
Professor of Religion and Literature
Keywords: Enlightenment; Religion and literature; American literature; Catholicism; Frida Kahlo

Susan Schreiner
Professor of the History of Christianity and Theology
Keywords: European history; Protestantism; Reformation; Renaissance; (Early Modern) Catholicism

William Schweiker
Professor of Theological Ethics
Keywords: Theological ethics; Comparative religious ethics; Environmental ethics; Global dynamics. *Ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.

Michael Sells
Professor of Islamic History and Literature
Keywords: Qur’an; Qur'anic studies; Sufism; Arabic and Islamic love poetry; mystical literature; religion and violence  

Jeffrey Stackert
Professor of Hebrew Bible; Director, Chicago Center for Jewish Studies
Keywords: Bible, Hebrew Bible; Jewish studies; ancient Near East; prophecy

Wesley Sun
Director of Field Education and Community Engagement     
Keywords: Contemporary Ministry; Chaplaincy; Storytelling; Graphic Novels; Religion in prison. *Ordained minister and endorsed chaplain in the American Baptist Church; *Chaplain Cook County Jail

Christian K. Wedemeyer
Professor of the History of Religions
Keywords: Buddhism; Tantric Buddhism; Tibet

Brook A. Ziporyn
Professor of Chinese Religion, Philosophy, and Comparative Thought
Keywords: Chinese religion, Buddhism; atheism

Laurie Zoloth
Margaret E. Burton Professor and Dean
Keywords: bioethics, Jewish studies; neonatal issues; religion and ethics; Jewish philosophy; genetic engineering, stem cell research, synthetic biology, social justice in health care, science and medicine; interreligious dialogue; higher education trends and topics

Curtis J. Evans 
Dwight N. Hopkins

ANCIENT NEAR EAST, ancient Judaism and early Christianity, the CLASSICAL WORLD
Jas' Elsner (Greco-Roman, Classical)
Karin Krause (Byzantium)

Brook A. Ziporyn

Laurie Zoloth

Simeon Chavel (ancient)
Arnold I. Davidson (modern and contemporary)
Michael Fishbane (Rabbinics)
Sarah Hammerschlag (post-War)
Paul Mendes-Flohr (European)
James T. Robinson (medieval; intersections with Christianity and Islam)
Jeffrey Stackert 

Angie Heo
Richard A. Rosengarten

MEDICINE and religion
Laurie Zoloth

Willemien Otten 
Lucy K. Pick
James T. Robinson 

MINISTRY / Pastoral care / Educating for public religious leadership
SCIENCE and religion
Alireza Doostdar
Laurie Zoloth
Ryan Coyne 

WAR / Religion and VIOLENCE
Cynthia Gano Lindner (communal violence and trauma)
Richard B. Miller 
Michael Sells

Kristine A. Culp
Dwight N. Hopkins
Lucy K. Pick