Colman Program Internship Application

Colman Program Internship Application Guidelines and Procedures

Format: Internship projects require a minimum of 200 hours and a maximum of 300 hours to complete. They can take place during the academic year or the summer quarter. Academic-year internships are two to three quarters in duration. No student may hold a single internship position for more than three quarters. Summer internships are typically one quarter in duration, though they may extend into fall quarter if additional time is needed to complete the project.

Pay: Interns will receive a stipend of $6,000 for either summer or academic-year internships. The stipend is designed to alleviate any costs associated with the internship.

Eligibility: Interns must be MA, MDiv or PhD students in good standing in the Divinity School.

Selection Process: Students must submit a proposal (see below) along with a résumé to the Director of the Colman Program.  A committee consisting of the Dean of Students, the Director of the Colman Program, the student’s advisor, and the Director of the student’s degree program will review the proposal to ensure that it meets the requirements of the internship proposal, furthers the mission and objectives of the Divinity School and the Colman Program, and is appropriate for the student’s career development.

Internship Application
A complete proposal will consist of a cover letter of no more than 2 pages (single-spaced) detailing the following items:

  • Length and quarter(s) of the proposed internship
  • Brief description of the host organization
  • General description of the position and main responsibilities
  • Case for the applicant’s fit in the role
  • Description of skills that will be gained from this experience
  • Discussion of how this internship benefits student’s research and/or career goals
  • Name, title, and contact information of supervisor and organization

In addition, the proposal should include any necessary information from the host organization:

    • Any required application materials
    • Application submission instructions and deadline
    • Preferred start date
    • Preferred skills, experience and qualifications
    • Contact information for the position

Proposal deadlines: Applications for summer quarter and academic year internships that begin in Fall are due by the Friday of week 2 of Spring quarter.  The application deadline for Winter/Spring Quarter internships is the Friday of week 6 of Fall quarter.