Nuveen Lectures

John S. Nuveen was one of Chicago’s most influential business leaders and an active civil and cultural leader with ties to many educational institutions. At the University of Chicago, he served as chairman of the University’s Alumni Association and as a trustee of the Baptist Theological Union, who established the Nuveen lecture in 1972 and manage an endowment that supports the Divinity School. The BTU and the Divinity School invite an accomplished member of the University’s faculty to give the lecture each year, usually in the Fall Quarter. 

2018 Wu Hung
2017 Andrew Abbott
2016 Kenneth Warren
2015 Panel discussion with Larry Greenfield, Martin E. Marty, and Daniel Meyer
2014 Donald G. York
2013 Daniel P. Sulmasy
2011 John T. Cacioppo

2010 Anne Walters Robertson
2009 David Nirenberg
2008 Leon Kass
2006 Geoffrey R. Stone
2007 Jonathan Lear
2005 Janet D. Rowley
2004 Mark Strand
2003 Tanya Luhrmann
2002 Marshall D. Sahlins
2001 Daniel E. Garber
2000 Robert S. Nelson

1999 Arnold I. Davidson
1998 Sander L. Gilman
1997 Richard P. Saller
1996 Francoise Meltzer 
1995 Robert B. Pippin
1994 Jonathan Z. Smith
1993 Michael Murrin
1992 Christine Cassel, MD
1991 William Julius Wilson 

1989 Jean Comaroff
1988 Karl Weintraub
1987 William McNeill
1986 D. Gale Johnson
1985 Fazlur Rahman
1984 Wayne Booth
1983 Joseph Kitagawa
1982 Hanna Gray
1981 Alan Donagan
1980 Arthur Mann

1979 Stephen Toulmin
1978 Jarl Dyrud, MD
1977 Langdon Gilkey
1976 Jerald Brauer
1975 James Barr
1974 Mircea Eliade
1973 Paul Ricouer