The cliché about polite conversation is that there are two things never to discuss: religion and politics. We at Sightings know better. We seek out and comment upon the events, agents, and trends in public life where issues of religion are writ large, in plain view—or are simmering under the surface.

Sightings: Reflections on Religion in Public Life, a collection of one hundred of our most memorable columns from the past twenty years, will be published on January 24, 2019, by Wm. B. Eerdmans.


f28af2b2-2688-4564-971d-084853f44f21.jpgSeptember 20, 2018

Muslims at the American Table
Eboo Patel



f28af2b2-2688-4564-971d-084853f44f21.jpgSeptember 17, 2018

Victorianism in Postmodernity?
Richard A. Rosengarten


f28af2b2-2688-4564-971d-084853f44f21.jpgSeptember 13, 2018

Catholic versus Muslim "Terrorism" in the U.S.: A Double Standard
Scott C. Alexander


f28af2b2-2688-4564-971d-084853f44f21.jpgSeptember 10, 2018

Dead Lions
Martin E. Marty


f28af2b2-2688-4564-971d-084853f44f21.jpgSeptember 6, 2018

Reading Arendt, Connecting the Dots
Joshua Feigelson



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