The Divinity School is embarking on several faculty searches this academic year. 

The University of Chicago non-discrimination statement.

Rabbinic Judaism

We seek scholars with broad knowledge of the Rabbinic period and literature as well as expertise in the languages essential to the field and relevant to the candidate's research agenda. Strong applicants will demonstrate knowledge of the Roman, Sasanian, and early Islamic imperial contexts in which Rabbinic literature developed . Read the full description and apply online.

Religions in the Americas 

We are seeking scholars who investigate religious ideas, practices, institutions, and movements in North and South America. We welcome applications from scholars in a variety of methodologies, including historical, sociological, ethnographic, literary, legal, demographic, comparative, political, and theoretical approaches to the study of religion. Read the full description and apply online.


The Divinity School has a distinctive theological tradition, one we look to carry on by hiring theologian(s) whose contributions are engaged with scholarship on women, theology, and religion; this scholarship may include womanist theology, mujerista theology, Asian feminist theology, or other varieties of feminist theology, just as it may include work on gender and/or intersectionality.  Read the full description and apply online.