William Schweiker will lecture in late October at the World Humanities Forum in Suwon, Korea.   
Professor Tracy will deliver the third annual Costan Lecture. 
The Quarter has begun and we have thought-provoking and exciting events ahead.
Brett Colasacco has been named the new Managing Editor of Sightings; starting tomorrow, September 8th, we return to our usual twice-weekly schedule.
Despite the bright sunshine, on this particular day in Françoise Meltzer’s section of Readings in World Literature, she says, “it sort of feels like a world is ending.” Find out why in this story from The Core.  
Our 2016-2017 Marty Center Fellows represent the Marty Center's emphasis on global interactions and religion. We asked them what they hoped to accomplish this year as Fellows–read their answers.
UChicago Urban Research Review profiles researchers whose work deepens our understanding of cities, posing questions that are at the root of urban challenges around the world. Read more about Prof. Sarah Fredericks and her work on how guilt and shame affect the way we think, talk, and act in response to environmental sustainability issues.
“If you define religion as dharma," says Professor Wendy Doniger, "which is the Hindu law of the way a human being should live her life, then the Mahabharata is a great Hindu religious text.”  Read the full story online. 
Last year, seven Divinity School alumni were awarded two-year grants to conduct research in a cutting-edge new field: enhancing life. 
A number of Divinity School students have been awarded Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for 2016-2017 study.