Mun’im Sirry

(Islamic Studies) "Reformist Muslim Approaches to the Polemics of the Qur'an against Other Religions"

I am pleased to be appointed as a Martin Marty Center (MMC) junior fellow and hope to benefit from a rich intellectual environment fostered by the MMC. Considering that my dissertation deals with inter-religious issues, I believe that I will have engaging and productive conversations with other fellow colleagues, which will eventually prove fruitful in the process of writing this dissertation. I am interested in exploring to what extent Muslim reformers are succeeding in their interpretation of the Qur’an’s polemical texts for non-polemical interactions among different religious communities in the modern world. By the term “polemical texts” I mean those Qur’anic passages that describe other religions negatively, which include various types of Qur’anic criticism of Jews and Christians. I especially look forward to discussing this project with other MMC fellows and to learning more about their projects. During my time as a junior fellow I fully expect to complete my dissertation.