Ministry program (MDiv)

We educate students for a life of public religious leadership: in congregations and newer forms of gatherings, in chaplaincies, in social service and advocacy, in public policy, in journalism, in education—and in areas we have only begun to imagine. These are leaders who are fully engaged in constructive conversations with their faith traditions, their communities, and their world.

From that engagement comes concern for the flourishing of individuals, families, and communities. That, in turn, raises profound and enduring questions about justice and hope, freedom and responsibility, individuality and the common good. Religious communities, and the cultures in which they live and move, are enriched by the deliberation of these questions—in a pluralistic context such as our own, this mutually critical conversation is essential to rich public life.

A life of public ministry is a life immersed in theological reflection, interdisciplinary dialogue, and leadership that draws creative new maps of the inherited boundaries between the religious and the secular, the public and the private, the transcendent and everyday life. Your education at the Divinity School will help you cultivate the scholarly and professional practices—the habits of both heart and mind—that such a life demands, shaping you uniquely and decisively for faithful and courageous leadership.

Our MDiv program serves students of many faith traditions. Join our conversation!  

Cynthia G. Lindner, Director of Ministry Studies and Clinical Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Care
1025 E. 58th St.
Chicago IL 60637

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Why Chicago?

MDiv Alumnus Elijah Kindred discusses his path to the Divinity School and the way in which the program allowed him to combine his interests in public religious leadership and medicine. 

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