Michael Turner

“Does the Laborer Deserve to be Paid?: The Place of Desert in a Christian Conception of Distributive Justice”

As a Junior Fellow this year, I hope to complete two chapters of my dissertation, which examines the extent to which a standard of desert can be appropriate for Christian conceptions of distributive justice. One chapter draws from scriptural sources and their interpreters to gain an idea of how elements of grace and desert function in economic distributions during biblical times. The other chapter, which I plan to present in the Seminar, focuses on theological notions of just wages in the modern economy.

This fellowship gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues who share an interest in the intersection of religion and public life, and I look forward to receiving input on my work as well as to learning from and providing feedback on other projects. The MMC offers dissertation writers the rare occasion to combine teaching, peer discussions, and public presentations of their work within a single practicum. I expect the experience to be invaluable to my future academic career, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Religious Ethics