Michael Sohn

"The Good of Recognition: Phenomenology, Ethics, and Religion in the Thought of Levinas and Ricoeur"

To be selected a Junior Fellow is a tremendous honor and provides the ideal conditions to finish my dissertation in a timely and effective fashion. In the year ahead, I expect to complete a draft for my sixth and final chapter and revise the dissertation for final submission to my committee. As I begin to rework each of the chapters in relation to the broader aims and purposes of the dissertation, I look forward to testing the strength, clarity, and relevance of the arguments with students in the classroom, talented colleagues in the seminars, and finally an engaged wider public at year’s end.

My dissertation parses out the polyvalent uses of ‘recognition’ from a phenomenological approach, investigates their religious and theological underpinnings, and explores the broader social, political, and juridical implications. The MMC’s commitment to exploring the relevance of religion to public life and its opportunities for the exchange of ideas within different public contexts make it an ideal setting to bring my dissertation to completion.