Massimo Nardello, Senior Fellow


How can Christian Churches maintain fidelity to the apostolic faith, witnessed in Scripture and in the ecclesial tradition, and still experience real doctrinal development? Is this process just a practical issue, necessary only to make Christianity comprehensible in all the cultures of the world, or is it an intrinsic characteristic of the Christian faith as determined and guided by the Spirit of Jesus Christ?

As a systematic theologian, I began a few years ago to look for  answers to these questions within the Catholic and Protestant traditions, when I discovered  process theology as an intriguing perspective that may give new amazing insights on these issues, although deeply revisited in some of its foundations. My aim as a senior fellow in the Martin Marty Center will be to sketch an initial reinterpretation of process theology in the wake of process thinkers like A. N. Whitehead, J. Cobb and J. Bracken, and then to ground within its framework a positive understanding of the Christian doctrinal development.

I'm really grateful to the Divinity School of the University of Chicago for giving me the possibility to have a prolonged and broad conversation on these involved themes with many excellent colleagues and researchers, along with a full support of a wonderful library. I look forward to improving my research in this stimulating company!