Marty Center Fellows Archive


Samuel Boyd (NELC)
"Contact Linguistics and Textual Reuse in the Hebrew Bible: A Socio-Linguistic Approach to Literary Contact"

Joy Brennan (Philosophy of Religion)
"Being, Non-Being and the Path To Awakening in Mind-only Buddhist Thought"

Patricia Duncan (Bible - New Testament)
Novel History: Scriptural Exegesis in the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies

Michelle Harrington (Religious Ethics)
"Laying Down One's Life: Autonomy in the Time of Medicalized Death"

Sonam Kachru (Philosophy of Religion)
"The Elusive Mark of the Mental: Philosophy of Mind with Vasubandhu"

Larisa Masri (History)
"Rituals and Rhetoric: Religious Diplomacy in Republican Rome"

David Mihalyfy (History of Christianity)
"Not the Bible Alone: American Christianity and the Interpretation of the Gospels, 1790-1890"

Matthew Petrusek (Religious Ethics)
"Catholic Social Ethics and the (In)vulnerability of Human Dignity"

Ayshe Polat (Anthropology & Sociology of Religion)
"Reasoning Islam: Late Ottoman Debates on Islam"

Jawad Qureshi (Islamic Studies)
"Islamic Tradition in the Age of Revival and Reform: Said Ramadan al-Bouti and His Interlocutors"

Myriam Renaud (Theology)
"God: Construction Within the Bounds of the 1993 Parliament of the World Religions' Global Ethic"

Alexander Rocklin (History of Religion)
"Religion under Contract: South Asian Religions and the Politics of Religious Toleration in Colonial Trinidad"

Robyn Whitaker (Bible - New Testament)
"The Rhetoric of Worship: Ekphrasis, Vision, and Persuasion in the Apocalypse to John"

Rebecca Wollenberg (History of Religion)
"'And they became the people of the Book': The Jewish Turn Towards Text in the Middle Ages"


Rachel Adelstein (Ethnomusicology)
“Braided Voices: Women Cantors in Non-Orthodox Judaism”

Shatha Almutawa (History of Judaism)
"The Use of Narrative in Rasa'il Ikhwan Al-Safa: Imagination at the Intersections of Religion, Philosophy and Science”

Samuel Brody (History of Judaism)
"This Pathless Hour: Messianism, Anarchism, Zionism, and Martin Buber's Theopolitics Reconsidered"

Emanuelle Burton (Religion and Literature)
“Fantasy and Responsibility: the formation of the ethical actor in the Chronicles of Narnia

Kristel Clayville (Religious Ethics and Bible)
“Responsible Hermeneutics: Interpretation of Religious Tests in the Environmental Ethics of Hans Jonas and Holmes Rolston III”

Jessica DeCou (Theology)
“Parables of Freedom: Toward a Barthian Pneumatology of Culture for Engaging Popular Culture in the 21st Century”

Rick Elgendy (Theology)
"Power, Complicity, and Resistance: Rereading "The Powers" with Karl Barth and Michel Foucault"

Vincent Evener (Theology)
"Suffering and Truth in Sixteenth-Century Religious Controversy”

Karl Lampley (Theology)
"A Theological Account of Nat Turner: Christianity, Violence, and Theology"

Alan Levinovitz (Religion and Literature)
"The Concept of Toy--at Play with the Zhuangzi"

Katherine Milco (Classics)
"Perpetua's Two Audiences: the Passio as a Sacred Performance"

Lilah Shapiro (Comparative Human Development)
“Driven to Orthodoxy: Jewish identity, the achievement narrative, and family dynamics in American-Jewish culture as motivations for Teshuvah”

Mun’im Sirry (Islamic Studies)
"Reformist Muslim Approaches to the Polemics of the Qur'an against Other Religions"

Michael Sohn (Religious Ethics)
"The Good of Recognition: Phenomenology, Ethics, and Religion in the Thought of Levinas and Ricoeur"

Myung-Sahm Suh (Anthropology and Sociology of Religion)
"Generational Dynamics and the Crystallization of the Christian Right in Korea" 

Suzanne Wint (Ethnomusicology)
"The Western Classical Music Scene in Kampala, Uganda: A Music of the Other?"



Anthony Banout, Ethics
“Islamic Modernism and the Possibility of Democratic Religious Freedom"

Elizabeth Sweeny Block, Ethics
“The Virtue of Conscience: Reclaiming the Significance of Freedom of Conscience for the Formation of Moral Identity”

Joshua Daniel, Theology
“Forming Faith: H. Richard Niebuhr and Paulo Freire on Moral Education”

Helen Findley, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
“Moveable Feast: The Place of Sekkyô in Meiji Buddhist Discourse”

Pierre-Julien Harter, Philosophy of Religions
“The Role of the Path in Gnoseology of the Abhisamayālamkāra Literature”

Elina Hartikainen, Department of Anthropology
“Ritual Hierarchy, Secrecy, and Public Discourse: Forming an African Religious Public in Brazil”

Karl Hefty, Philosophy of Religions
“The God of Appearance”

John Howell, Religion and Literature
“Civil War Literature and the Prospect of America”

Anne Mocko, History of Religions
“Demoting Vishnu: Ritual, Politics, and the End of Monarchy in Nepal”

Seth Perry, History of Christianity
“The Bible and Religious Authority in Early-National America”

Benjamin Schonthal, History of Religions
“Regulating Religion: Buddhism, Pluralism, and the State in Contemporary Sri Lanka”

Michael Turner, Religious Ethics
“Does the Laborer Deserve to be Paid?: The Place of Desert in a Christian Conception of Distributive Justice”

Dov Weiss, History of Judaism
“Confronting God in Rabbinic Literature”


Nikolay Antov, History 
"Formation of Muslim Communities in the Early Modern Ottoman Balkans: The Case of Deliorman (15th - 16th cc.)"

Megan Doherty, Philosophy of Religions 
"Living with Understanding: Subjectivity and Metaphysics in Kant, Apel, and the Neoclassical Alternative"

Debra Erickson, Religious Ethics 
"A World for People and People for the World: A Casuistic Approach to Environmental Decision-Making"

Stephanie Frank, History of Religions 
"Liens Spirituels: Rereading Mauss, Reorienting 'The Gift'"

Loren Goldman, Political Science 
"The Sources of Political Hope: Will, World and Democracy"

Sarah Imhoff, History of Judaism 
"Gender, Sexuality, Race and the Image of American Jews, 1910-1924"

Jeffrey Jay, Biblical Studies
"Heremeneutics of Tragic Understanding: Early Jewish and Christian Accommodations of Theatrical Culture"

Santiago Piñon, Theology 
"A Study on Francisco Vitoria and His Defense of the Natives in the New World"

Heather Miller Rubens, History of Judaism 
"Also Other: Lucien Wolf, Roman Catholics and Jewish Identity in the British Isles"

Garry Sparks, Theology 
"Xalqat B'e and Theologia Indorum: Crossroads between Mayan Spirituality and the Americas' First Theology"

Kristen Tobey, Anthropology and Sociology of Religions
"Performing Marginality: Identity and Efficacy in the Plowshares Nuclear Disarmament Movement"

Susan Zakin, History of Religions
"The Gift of Death: Acts of Imagination in the Ritual of gCod"


Catherine Bronson, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
"The Eve of Islamic Exegesis"

D. Maurice Charles, History of Christianity
"Heresy, Treason, and Royal Prerogative: Henry VIII and the Plenitude of Power"

Carrie Dohe, History of Religions
"The Wandering Archetype: C.G. Jung's Wotan and the Coming Religion in Early Twentieth Century Pan-German Culture"

Cooper Harriss, Religion and Literature
"Ralph Ellison: Religion, Race and the Irony of African-American Literature"

Anne Knafl, Biblical Studies
"Forms of God, Forming God: A Typology of Divine Anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch"

Carlos Manrique, Philosophy of Religions
"Religion, Subjectivity and the Political in Derrida's reading of Kant"

Urmila Nair, Department of Anthropology
"When the sun's rays are as shadows: the Rituals of the Nechung Deity in Tibetan Exile"

Daniel Shin, Theology
"The Public Theology of Hans W. Frei: Hermeneutics, Christology, and Theological Ethics"

Sally Stamper, Theology
"Horror and Its Aftermaths: A Psychological Reading of Human Suffering from Friedrich Schleiermacher to Marilyn McCord Adams and Jonathan Lear"

Xiaoli Tian, Department of Sociology 
"Relocating Science: Western medicine in 19th-century China"

Jeremy Walton, Department of Anthropology
"Constructing Civic Virtue in a Superior State: Islam and Civil Society in Contemporary Turkey"

Jennifer Westerfield, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
"In the Shadow of the Sphinx: Pharaonic Sacred Space in the Coptic Imagination"


Sean Anthony, Humanities/NELC
"'Abd Allah b. Saba' and the Saba'īya: The Origins of Shī'ism and Ghulūw between History and Theologoumena"

Barbra Barnett, Religious Ethics
"Religious Arguments in the Public Square: An Examination of Religious Freedom in Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy"

Brian Collins, History of Religions
"Themes of Matricide, Mass Killing, Cattle Theft, and Mixed Birth in the Mythology of Parashurama"

Adam Darlage, History of Christianity
"Priests Under Pressure: Catholic Polemics and Propaganda in Nikolsburg, Moravia (1575-1610)"

Erik Davis, History of Religions
"Society After Trauma; Buddhims and the Dead in Contemporary Cambodia"

Spencer Dew, Religion and Literature
"Pedagogy and Community: Kathy Acker's 'Talmudic Mode'"

Joel Harter, Religion and Literature
"The Word Made Flesh: Symbol and Coleridge's Theological Hermeneutics"

Elizabeth Hopp-Peters, Biblical Studies
"Breaking Pots, Making Metaphors: Prophetic Action Narratives in the Book of Jeremiah"

Jeff Israel, Religious Ethics
"Jewish Humor and Political Civility: On Moral Play with Tradition, Self, and Others"

Meira Kensky, Biblical Studies
"Trying Man, Trying God: The Divine Courtroom in Jewish and Christian Literature"

David Monaco, Biblical Studies
"The Sentences of the Syriac Menander: Introduction, Text and Translation, and Commentary"

Ed Silver, History of Judaism
"The Schools of Jeremiah: Signs, Symbols and Text-Formation in the Book of Jeremiah"

Sandra Sullivan, Religious Ethics
"I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food: Agape, Justice and Special Relations Seen Through the Lens of Dependent Care""

Melissa Weininger, Humanities/Committee on Jewish Studies
"Imagining "That Man": Three Jewish Writers on Jesus"

Hong You, Anthropology and Sociology of Religion
"Popular Religious Revival in Contemporary China: Religion, Local Culture, and the State"

Thomas Zebrowski
"Theology and Philosophy in the Ethics of Alasdair MacIntyre"


Robert Baird, Theology
"Theological Novelty in Dante's Commedia"

Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz, SALC
"Translating Tradition, Creating Culture: A Reconstruction of the History and Development of the Svasthani Vrata Katha of Nepal"

Kristin Bloomer, Theology & History of Religions
"Maataa Mary: Women and Popular Catholicism in Tamil Nadu"

Warren Chain, Religious Ethics
"Individualism, Justice and Christian Self Help: An Encounter with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Martin Luther King, Jr."

Laura Desmond, History of Religions
"Constituting Pleasure: An Analysis of Vatsyanyana's Kamasutra"

Chris Dorsey, Theology
"Reading Bodies, Writing Health: Theological Analysis of Traditional Medicine in Senegal"

Matthew Drever, Theology
"Augustine's Anthropology in Christological Perspective: A Soteriological Hermeneutics of the Word"

Courtney Handman, Anthropology
"Bible Translation and Missionization in the Waria Valley, Papua New Guinea"

Elizabeth Musselman, Theology 
"Either/Or or Both/And: A Study of Luther and Kierkegaaard on the Spatial, Temporal, and Logical Conjunctivity/Disjunctivity of Divine and Human Activity"

Zhange Ni, Religion and Literature
"Displacement and Integration: Secularization, Migration and Religion in Contemporary Novel"

Timothy Peebles, Theology
"Explicit and Implicit Faith: Faith Seeking Epistemological and Metaphysical Understanding"

Gabriel Robinson

Marsaura Shukla, Theology
"Ortholexis: Reading and Theology in the Twentieth Century"

Alicia Turner

Edward Upton, Religion and Literature
"India and Identity in T.S. Eliot's Poetics of the Self"

Alexander van der Haven, History of Religions
"Daniel Paul Schreber and the Religions of the Kaiserzeit"

Philip Venticinque
"Common Causes: The Social World of Guilds and Associations in Roman and Late Antique Egypt"


Catherine Adcock, History of Religions
"Contested Categories: Religion and Politics in the Arya Samaj"

Anthony Cerulli, History of Religions
"Somatic Lessons: Mythic Discourse on the Body and Embodiment in Classical Indian Medical Literature."

Fanny Dolansky, Department of Classics
"Ritual, Gender, and Status in the Roman Family"

Annette Huizenga, Biblical Studies
"What's a Woman To Do?: Training Women to Virtue in the Pastoral Epistles and Texts by Pythagorean Women."

Rory Johnson, Psychology & Sociology of Religion
"The Persistent Conversation: Religion, Communication and Community."

Karin Meyers, Philosophy of Religions
"Free Will and Causal Determinism in Indian Scholastic Buddhism: Can We Decide to Become More Compassionate and Are We Free to Become Liberated?"

Lisa Perez, History of Religions
"Without Illness the Gods Would Die: Healing and Conversion to Santería in the Urban Midwest"

David Possen, Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Philosophy
"Søren Kierkegaard and the Very Idea of Advance Beyond Socrates"

Steven Sacks, History of Judaism
"'In His Hand is a Sceptre of Fire, and a Veil is Spread Before Him:' The Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer and the Exposition of Medieval Midrash"

Adam Shapiro, Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science 
"Biology Textbook Publishing in the Scopes Era"

Joyce Shin, Religious Ethics
"Faith in an Age of Cultural Pluralism: An Aesthetic Approach to Transformation."

Justin Tiwald, Committee on Social Thought 
"Acquiring 'Feelings that Do Not Err': Moral Deliberation and the Sympathetic Point of View in the Ethics of Dai Zhen"

Alex Vishio, Religious Ethics
"The Logic of All-Inclusivity: Toward a Revisionary Understanding of the Divine-World Relation."

Courtney Wilder, Theology
"Existentialism and Exegesis: Being and the Bible in Bultmann and Tillich."


Elizabeth Bucar, Religious Ethics 
Dissertation: "Rhetorical Analysis as a Strategy for Feminist Religious Ethics: The Case of John Paul II and Ayatollah Khomeini"

Aimee Burant, Theology
Dissertation: "Imagining Christianity: Nation, Culture, and the Theology of Ernst Troelscht"

William Elison, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Subjects of Filmistan: Visuality, Lived Spaces, and Indian Public Culture"

Hillel Gray, History of Judaism 
Dissertation: "Rethinking Rabbinic Law in a Policy Context: R. Moses Feinstein on Cigarette Smoking and Dying"

Michael Johnson, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Attestation and Injunction: The Phenomenology of Conscience in Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutics of the Capable Self (A Comparative Study of Heidegger, Lévinas, and Ricoeur)

Mike Hogue, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "'The Tangled Bank': Biology, Ethics, and Theology"

Shubha Pathak, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Odysseus and Nala, Kléos and Dharma: The Interrogations of Epic Values by Poetic Kings"

Ajay Rao, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Srivaisnava Hermeneutics, 1200–1700: The Practice of Reading in an Intellectual Community"

Benjamin Sax, History of Judaism
Dissertation: "Between Goethe and Rabbi Akiba: Franz Rosenzweig's Hermeneutic of Citation"

Lea Schweitz, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "'The Difference between the Mirror and the One Who Sees': The Theological Anthropology of G.W. Leibniz"

David Simmons, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Poetry and Method in the Eighteenth Century: Johann Gottfried Herder's Hermeneutics of the Hebrew Bible"

Janet Spittler, Department of New Testament and Early Christian Literature
Dissertation: "Wild Kingdom: Zoology, Anthropology and Theology in the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles"

Ian Straughn, Department of Anthropology
Dissertation: "Surveying the Syrian Landscape: An Archaeological Investigation of Islamic Socio-Spatial Practice in the Qinnasrin Region, Northern Syria, 640–1500"

Nelson Tebbe, Psychology and Sociology of Religion
Dissertation: "New African Liberalism: Religion, Culture, and the South African Constitution"

Blake Wentworth, History of Religions
Dissertation: "A Topology of Devotion: Gender and Power in the Tamil Ulàs"

Roger Willer, Theology, The Divinity School
Dissertation: "Theological Anthropology and Emergence: Recovering Conscience Beyond Dualism or Reductionism"


Laurie A. Brink, O.P., Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "The Role of the Roman Military in the Spread of Early Christianity"

David Zachariah Flanagin, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Gathering around the Word: The Biblical Roots of Conciliarism in Jean Gerson"

Sarah Hammerschlag, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "The Trope of the Jew out of the Sources of German Idealism"

Ellen Haskell, History of Judaism
Dissertation: "Metaphor and Symbolic Representation: The Image of God as Suckling Mother in Thirteenth-Century Kabbalah"

Patrick A. Hatcher, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Conversion and Community: The Turkic Peoples of Central Asia in Islamic Discourses of Religious Expansion During the Samanid Period (875–1005 CE)"

Kevin Jung, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Problem of Value: A Comparative Study of Emmanuel Levinas and H. Richard Niebuhr"

Sharon Lea Mattila, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "The Socioeconomic Context of the Historical Jesus: An Interdisciplinary Analysis"

Melanie O'Hara, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "The Theological Ethics of Neighbor-Love: A Constructive Engagement with Hans Urs Von Balrhasar"

Karen Park-Koenig, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "'This Girl Hath a Spirit Averse from Calvin': The Lady Falkland Her Life in Religious and Historical Context"

William Eric Vandever, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Democracy and Religion in Ancient Athens"

William D. Wood, Theology
Dissertation: "Searching for the Secret Instinct: Blaise Pascal and the Philosophical Analysis of Self-Deception"

William Wright, Theology
Dissertation: "Saving Difference: The Dialectical-Differential Structure of Calvin's Soteriology"


Jeremy Biles, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form"

Thomas R. Blanton, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "Constructing a New Covenant: Discursive Strategies in the Damascus Document and Second Corinthians."

Thomas Borchert, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Educating Monks: Buddhism, Politics, and Freedom of Religion on China's Southwest Border"

Amy C. Graves, Romance Languages, Humanities Division 
Dissertation: "Simon Goulart (1543–1628): historiographe et proto-journaliste"

Mieke Holkeboer, Theology
Dissertation: "Rethinking the Universal in Universal Human Rights: A Hermeneutical Approach" Brandon Johnson, History, Social Sciences Division
Dissertation: "Spirits on the Stage: Public Mediums, Spiritualist Theater, and American Culture, 1848–1893"

Ernst Karel, Human Development, Social Sciences Division
Dissertation: "Kerala Sound Electricals: Amplified Sound and Cultural Meaning in South India."

Erik Owens, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Religion, Democracy, and Civic Education in American Public Schools"

Caroline C. Tolton, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "From Memory to Topology: The Architecture of Persuasion in the Sermons of Peter Chrysologus"

Kevin J. Wanner, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The Distinguished Norseman: Snorri Sturluson, the Edda, and the Conversion of Capital in Medieval Scandinavia"

The Chicago Forum On Scholarship In Theology And Religion

Kenneth S. Bigger, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Disobedience and Democracy: Habermas, Citizenship, and Extralegal Political Action"

David Clairmont, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Reason, Ritual and Rupture: A Study of Method in Comparative Religious Ethics with Exemplars from the Roman Catholic and Theravada Buddhist Traditions"

Cass Fisher, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Claiming God: Theological Predication and its Limits in the Mekhilta, the Zohar, and The Star of Redemption"

Jonathan Gold, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Intellectual Gatekeeper: Sakya Pandita Envisions the Ideal Scholar"

Kristen Kearns, Theology
Dissertation: "Love from Above: Analogy and Sexual Difference in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar."

Michael Kessler, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "The Emergence of Legal Positivism in Protestant Political Theology: Just Law Wrought From Human Hands?"

Kaitlin Magoon, Theology
Dissertation: Talking Nonsense about God: Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Language and Contemporary Negative Theology"


Francisco Benzoni, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Ecological Ethics and the Human Soul: Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Relation between Human Beings and Material Creation"

Hillel Braude, Committee on the History of Culture
Dissertation: "A Phenomenological and Historical Analysis of Western Concepts of Human Circulation and the Pulse"

Jason Carbine, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Sons of the Buddha"

Jonathan Ebel, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Our Sons Have Shown Us God: Faith, Suffering, and the American Experience of the First World War"

Jonathan Gold, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Intellectual Gatekeeper: Sakya Pandita Envisions the Ideal Scholar"

M. Christian Green, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Toward a Feminist Hermeneutic of Fatherhood: Behind the Image of the Family in the Family Law Casebook"

Deborah Green, History of Judaism
Dissertation: "Soothing Odors: A Study of the Transformation of Scent in Ancient Israelite and Ancient Jewish Literature"

Ashley Passmore, Department of Germanic Studies
Dissertation: "Blut unserer Väter: The Effects of Evolutionary Theory on Jewish Culture in Austria from the Nachmärz to the First World War"

The Chicago Forum On Scholarship In Theology And Religion

Jeremy Biles, Religion and Literature 
Dissertation: "Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form"

Matthew Boulton, Theology
Dissertation: "The End of Liturgy: Martin Luther, Karl Barth, and a Theology of Invocation"

William Kiblinger, Philosophy of Religions 
Dissertation: "Hegelian Complexity: Understanding the Organism"

Richard Nance, Philosophy of Religions 
Dissertation: "Accounting for 'Philosophy:' A Comparative Study of Indian Commentarial Practice, 700-1000"

Jonathan Rothchild, Theology 
Dissertation: "Fragmentation and Reintegration: Moral Transformation and Love in Iris Murdoch and Paul Tillich"

Kathleen Self, History of Religions 
Dissertation: "Telling the Story: National Myth, Scholarship and the Conversion of Iceland"

Jerome Gregg Taylor, Theology 
Dissertation: "The Theological Defense of Slavery in the Antebellum South"


Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Department of Philosophy
Dissertation: "Abusive Loves and the Moral Reason in Love"

Kelly L. Brotzman, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Experience and Theological Ethics: A Schleiermacherian Investigation and Proposal"

David B. Cook, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Dissertation: "The Beginnings of Islam in Syria during the Umayyad Period"

Jerome E. Copulsky, Theology
Dissertation: "Between Exile and Redemption: On the Theological-Political Predicament of Modern Judaism"

William P. Kiblinger, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Hegelian Complexity: Understanding the Organism"

Jerome Gregg Taylor, Theology
Dissertation: "The Theological Defense of Slavery in the Antebellum South"

Katherine E. Ulrich, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Divided Bodies: Corporeal, Theological, Textual, and Social Fragmentation in South Asian Religions"

Dongfeng Xu, Department of Comparative Literature
Dissertation: "The Culture and Rhetoric of Friendship: When the Occident Meets the Orient"

Robert A. Yelle, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Explaining Mantras: Rhetoric, the Dream of a Natural Language, and the Efficacy of Ritual"

The Chicago Forum On Scholarship In Theology And Religion

Sharon L. Albert, Religion and Literature 
Dissertation: "Translating Stories, Transforming Cultures; Translated Prose Narratives in the Jewish Communities of Medieval Provence and Spain"

Daniel A. Arnold, Philosophy of Religions 
Dissertation: "Mimamsakas and Madhyamikas against the Buddhist Epistemologists: a Comparative Study of Two Indian critiques o Foundationalism"

Matthew C. Baldwin, Biblical Studies 
Dissertation: "Reading Peter, Reading Christ: The Acts of Peter, the Actus Vercellenses, and the Canonical Gospels in early Christian Discourse"

Kristin E. Boyce, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Assuming Our Worlds: Finitude in the Writing of Henry James and Stanley Cavell"

Perry T. Hamalis, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "The Politics of Personhood"

Loren D. Lybarger, Psychology/Sociology of Religion
Dissertation: "Religion, Generations, and Collective Memory among Muslim and Christian Palestinians in Post-Intifada Bethlehem"

Paul R. Powers, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Intentionality in Classical Islamic Law"

Brenda J. Shaver, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "Elijah: The Growth of a Tradition"


Robert Alvis, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Religion and the Rise of Nationalism in East-Central Europe: A Case Study of Poznan 1793-1843"

Kelly Chong, Department of Sociology
Dissertation: "Agony in Prosperity: Evangelicalism, Women, and the Politics of Gender in South Korea"

William Dotson, Department of English Language and Literature
Dissertation: "Sacred Conspiracies: Spiritualist and Occult Politics in Britain, 1843–1916"

Ron Mourad, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "The Knowledge of Necessity: Transcendental Arguments and Theological Method"

Marcos Natali, Department of Comparative Literature
Dissertation: "The Politics of Nostalgia: An Essay on Ways of Relating to the Past"

Clare Rothschild, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "Luke-Acts and the Rhetoric of History"

Christian Sheppard, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "All So Luscious: Mystical Walt Whitman"

Richard Weiss, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The Construction of a Holy Science: Siddha Medicine and Tradition in South India"

Brett Wilmot, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Religious Belief and Democratic Discourse: Reevaluating the Role of Epistemology in a Normative Theory of Democracy"

The Chicago Forum On Scholarship In Theology And Religion (Lilly)

Rosemary Polanin Carbine, Theology
Dissertation: "Becoming Persons of Accountability: A Feminist Theological Anthropology for Theological Education"

Gregory Grieve, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Everyday Religion: Modernity, Tradition, and Samsaric Practice in the Newar City of Bhaktapur, Nepal"

Karina Hogan, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "Theologies in Conflict in 4 Ezra"

Paul Kollman
Dissertation: "Making Catholics: Slave Evangelization and the Origins of the Catholic Church in Nineteenth-Century East Africa"

Hilda P. Koster, Theology
Dissertation: "For the Future of the Earth: Salvation and Creation in Ecological Theologies"

Jonathan Moore, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Fighting the 'Octogovernment': The Rutherford Institute and Christian Legal Advocacy in Twentieth-Century America"

Robin O'Sullivan, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Model, Mirror and Memorial: Imitation of the Passion and the Annihilation of the Imagination in Angela

Jamie Schillinger, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Triangulating faith, virtue and reason: An Edwardsean account (Jonathan Edwards)"

The Chicago Forum On Scholarship In Theology And Religion (Lilly)

Patricia Beckman

Amy Carr, Theology
Dissertation: "Questioning Idols: Divine Countenance in Trauma and Conversion" (a study of Martin Luther and Simone Weil on senses of God during affliction)

Kathleen Flake
Dissertation: "Mr. Smoot Goes to Washington: The Politics of Religious Identity 1900-2000"

Connie Furey, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "In the School of God: Religious Epistemology and Intellectual Identity in Pre-Tridentine Italy"

Scott Romans
Dissertation: "The Function and Significance of Original Revelation in Schleiermacher's Dogmatics"

Rebecca Schorsch, History of Judaism
Dissertation: ""The Making of a Legend: Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews"

James Thompson, Religious Ethics 
Dissertation: "Moral Vision in a Disenchanted Age: Karl Barth, Kames Gustafson, and the Question of God and Morality"


Amy Carr, Theology
Dissertation: "Questioning Idols: Divine Countenance in Trauma and Conversion" (a study of Martin Luther and Simone Weil on senses of God during affliction)

Pi-Yen Chen, Department of Music
Dissertation: "Morning and Evening Service: The Practice of Ritual, Music, and Doctrine in Chinese Buddhist Monastic Community"

Radcliffe Edmonds, Department of Classical Languages and Literatures
Dissertation: "A Path Neither Simple Nor Single: The Use of Myth in Plato, Aristophanes, and the 'Orphic' Gold Tablets"

Julie Gifford, Department of Social Thought
Dissertation: "Picturing the Path: The Visual Rhetoric of Barabudur (Indonesia)"

Amy Harvey

Jeffery D. Long
Dissertation: "Plurality and Relativity: Whitehead, Janism, and the Reconstruction of Religious Pluralism"

Jonathan Moore, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Fighting the 'Octogovernment': The Rutherford Institute and Christian Legal Advocacy in Twentieth-Century America"

Gordon Rudy, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Mystical Language of Sensation in the Later Middle Ages"

Darlene Weaver
Dissertation: "Being and Becoming before God: A Theological Ethical Account of Right Self Love"


Dan Buchanan, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Identifying the Image of God: A Theology of Nonviolent Power in the Antebellum United States"

Connie Furey, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "In the School of God: Religious Epistemology and Intellectual Identity in Pre-Tridentine Italy"

Hugh Urban, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The 'Poor Company': Secrecy and Symbolic Power in the Kartabhaja Sect of Colonial Bengal"

Ruth Chojnacki, Committee on the History of Culture
Dissertation: "Indigenous Apostles: Maya Catholic Catechists Working the Word in Highland Chiapas, Mexico"

Eric W. Kraemer, Department of Anthropology

Claire Wolfteich, Practical Theology
Dissertation: "Towards an Integrative Lay Spirituality: Living, Faith, Family, and Work"

Dereck Daschke, Psychology and Sociology of Religion
Dissertation: "Loss, Fantasy, and Recovery in Ancient Judaism: Ezekiel, 4 Ezra, and the Baruch Apocalypses as Texts of Mourning"

Chuck Mathewes, Theology
Dissertation: "The Challenge of Tragedy for the Human Good: The Augustinian Proposals of Reinhold Niebuhr and Hannah Arendt"

Rebecca Schorsch, History of Judaism
Dissertation: ""The Making of a Legend: Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews"


Shannon Burkes, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "A Comparative Analysis of the Problem of Death in Qoheleth and Late Period Egyptian Biographies"

Jeffrey Carter, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The Celestial Church of Christ Syncretism, Ritual Practice, and the Invention of Tradition in a New Religious Movement"

Kevin Hughes, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "The Apostle and the Adversary: Paul and Antichrist in the Early Medieval exegesis of 2 Thessalonians"

Derek Jefferys, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Political Disorder and Divine Power: John Calvin and the Theistic Ground of Political Realism"

Joy McDougall, Theology
Dissertation: "The Pilgrimage of Love: The Trinitarian Theology of Jurgen Moltmann"

Joseph Pettit, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Pragmatism and Theism: A Question of Ethics"

Shantanu Phukan, Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Dissertation: "Through a Persian Prism: Hindi and Padmavat in the Mughal Imagination"

Paul Ranzini, Department of Music

Rebecca Raphael, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Divine Word, Divine Song: Inspiration and authority in Hesiod and First Isaiah"

Allen Singleton, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Metaphysics and Practice in the 'Xiang er' Commentary to the 'Lao zi'"


Elizabeth Dale, Department of History
Dissertation: "Snares of Conscience: The Trial of Anne Hutchinson, November 1637"

Paul DeHart, Theology
Dissertation: "Faith, Thought and Wissenschaft: Eberhard Jungel on the Structure of Theology"

Mary Doak, Theology
Dissertation: "Story, History and Public Theology"

Jane Geaney, Philosophy of Religions
Dissertation: "Classical Chinese Philosophy (500-221 BCE)

Kathryn Kueny, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Qur'anic Vignettes of the Vine: Symbolic Discourse and the Signs for Those Who Know"

Joanne Maguire, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Secrets from the Court of the King: Nobility and Annihilation in Marguerite Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls"

Woodman Taylor, Department of Art
Dissertation: "The Aesthetics of Visuality in the Vallabha Sampradaya"

Marion Holmes Katz, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Dissertation: "The Qur'anic Law of Ritual Purity"

Carol Thysell, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "The Pleasure of Discernment: Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron as a Literary/Theological Response to Calvin's Treatise Against the Spiritual Libertines"


Aditya Behl, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Allegory and the Promise of Silence: Reading the Madhumalati"

Thomas Carlson, Theology
Dissertation: "Apophaticism and the Unconditional: Marion and Derrida on the Theology and Philosophy of the Gift"

Julia Crutchfield, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "The Doctrine of God in Milton's De Doctrina Christiana"

Jacob Kinnard, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Towards a Dialectic of Practice: The Visual Discourse on the Presence of the Buddah"

Lois Malcom, Theology
Dissertation: "Analogies of Grace and the Mystery of God in Eberhard Juengel and Karl Rahner"

Michael McGrade, Department of Music
Dissertation: "Urbs Aquensis, Urbs Regalis: Context and Content of a Liturgical Sequence at Aachen Twelfth Century"

Andrew Orta, Department of Anthropology
Dissertation: "The Politics of Personhood: the Fabrication of Difference and the Negotiation of Identity on the Aymara-Christian Frontier"

Clifford Peterson, Department of Anthropology
Dissertation: "The Visionary Art of May Stone Ford: A Semiotic Ethnography of the Poetics of a Religious Imagination of Midwestern America"

Joel Sweek, Biblical Studies
Dissertation: "Dreams of Cult and Power: Oneiromantic in the Divinatory Economy of the Ancient Near East"

Jeanne Wirpsa, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "On the Meaning of Being Human: The Homelessness of Women from a Christian Feminist Ethical Perspective"


J. Matthew Ashley, Theology
Dissertation: "The Defense of the Subject: Johannes Baptist Metz and the Problem of Anthropology"

John Dally, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "The Eternally Begotten Son: Language, Desire, and Resurrection in the Gospel of John and Proust's Recherche"

Laura Grillo, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Divination in the Religious Systems of here West African Societies"

James Hanges, Bible
Dissertation: "Paul, Founder of Churches: A Study in Light of the Evidence for the Role of 'Founder Figures' in the Hellenistic-Roman Period"

Kevin Schilbrack, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "The Metaphysical Interpretation of Religions"


Brian Britt, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "The Hebrew Bible as Sacred Text in Deuteronomy 31-34 and in the Philosophy of Walter Benjamin"

Peter D'Agostino, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Missionaries in Babylon: The Adaptation of Italian Priests to Chicago's Church, 1870-1940"

Rebekah Miles-Delony, Religious Ethics
Dissertation: "Ethics and Transcendence: Rosemary Ruether, Sharon Welch, and Reinhold Niebhur"

Mary Stimming
Dissertation: "New Nazareths in Us: Towards a Sacramental Work Interpretation of Lutheran, Reformed, and Roman Catholic Doctrines of the Means of Grace"

Jon Walters
Dissertation: "Rethinking Buddhist Missions"


Francisca Cho Bantly, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The Dream of the Nine Clouds: A Buddhist Contribution to the Philosophy of Religions"

Ian Evison, Practical Theology
Dissertation: "Pragmatism and Idealism in the Professions: The Case of Richard Clarke Cabot, 1869-1939"

William Parsons, Religion and the Human Sciences
Dissertation: "Psychoanalysis and Mysticism: The Freud-Rolland Correspondence"

Stephanie Paulsell, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Scriptio divina: writing and the experience of God in the Works of Marguertie d'Oingt"

Barbara Pitkin, Theology
Dissertation: "What Pure Eyes Could See: Faith, Creation, and History in John Calvin's Theology"

Seung Ai Yang
Dissertation: "The Original Intention of the Longer Version of the Temptation Story of Jesus (Matt 4:11; Luke 4:1-13) as a Jewish Story of God's Testing of the Righteous Man Jesus"


Tim Bryson, History of Religions
Dissertation: "The Hermeneutics of Religious Syncretism: Swami Vivekanada's Practical Vedanta"

Steven Cooley, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "The Possibilities of Grace: Poetic Discourses and Reflection in Methodist/Holiness Revivalism"

Amy Hollywood, Theology
Dissertation: "The Soul as Virgin Wife: Meister Eckhart and the Beguine Mystics Mechthild of Magdeburg and Marguerite Porete"

Kevin Madigan, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Peter Olivi's Lectura super Mathaeum in Medieval Exegetical context"

Brent Sockness, Theology
Dissertation: "The Shape of Theological Ethics: A Comparative Study of Wilhelm Herman and Ernst Troeltsch"

Todd Whitmore, Ethics and Society
Dissertation: "Responsiveness to World and God: Elements of a Christian Ethic"


Paul Capetz, Theology
Dissertation: "The Dogmatic Function of the Concept of Religion in Schleiermacher's Glaubenslehre"

Catherine Covington-East

Charles Elder, Religion and Psychological Studies
Dissertation: "Psychoanalysis, Grammar, and the Limits of Critique: A Wittgensteinian Reading of Freud"

Steven W. Holloway, Bible (Old Testament)
Dissertation: "The Case for Assyrian Religious Influence in Israel and Judah: Inference and Evidence"

Mark W. MacWilliams, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Kannon Temple Myths (Engi): Sacred Histories and Folk Buddhism in Japan"

Jeff Alan Trumbower, Bible
Dissertation: "The Fixed Origins of Human Beings in the Gospel of John"


Ellen Babinsky
Dissertation: "A Beguine in the Court of the King: The Relation of Love and Knowledge in 'The Mirror of Simple Souls' by Marguerite Porete"

Robert F. Campany, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Chinese Accounts of the Strange: A Study in the History of Religions"

Dawn A. DeVries, Theology
Dissertation: "Christus Praesens: Word and History in the Preaching of John Calvin and Friedrich Schleiermacher"

John Hendricks, Ethics and Society
Dissertation: "Hume's Critique of Religion and Its Implications for Contemporary Religious Thought"

Gordon Marino
Dissertation: "Kierkegaard's Anthropology"

Jon Pahl, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Free Will and the American Character, 1725–1800"

Jeff B. Pool, Theology
Dissertation: "God's Wounds: The Structure and Dynamism of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering"


William Buckley, Ethics and Society
Dissertation: "Attesting Agency and Transcendental Subjectivity: An Ethical Analysis of the Theological Anthropologies of Karl Barth and Karl Rahner" Leo Lefebure, Theology
Dissertation: "Toward a Contemporary Wisdom Christology: A Study of Karl Rahner and Norman Pittenger"

Peter Mehl, Religion and Psychological Studies
Dissertation: "Soren Kierkegaard, William James and the Contemporary Search for an Ideal of Humanness: Toward a Comprehensive Perspective on Personhood"

Kay Read, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Binding Reeds and Burning Hearts: Mexica-Tenochca Concepts of Time and Sacrifice"


Charles Allen 
Dissertation: "The Recovery of Phronesis: Its Implications for the Role of Practical Reason in Theology"

Karen Guberman 
Dissertation: "Perfecting the Body: Towards a Kabbalistic Anthropology"

Christine Hinze 
Dissertation: "Thinking About Power in Social Ethics and Social Theory"

Mark Wallace, Theology 
Dissertation: "The World of the Text: Theological Hermeneutics in the Thought of Karl Barth and Paul Ricoeur"


Charles Hallisey 
Dissertation: "Devotion in the Buddhist Literature of Medieval Sri Lanka"

William Schweiker, Ethics and Society 
Dissertation: "The Play of Texts—The Way of Discipleship"

Douglas Sell 
Dissertation: "The Theft of Context: A Hermeneutics of the Priest"

Jane Strohl, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "Theological Perspectives on Death: The Medieval Ars Moriendi, Luther's 'Ein Sermon von der Bereitung zum Sterben,' and Schleiermacher's Address at his Son's Funeral"

Randall Zachman, Theology
Dissertation: "The Testimony of the Word and Spirit and the Testimony of conscience in the Theology of Luther and Calvin"

Eric Ziolkowski, Religion and Literature 
Dissertation: "The Religious Transformation of Don Quixote"


David Carpenter, History of Religions/Theology
Dissertation: "The Light of the Word: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Christian Theories of Revelation"

Leland Estes 
Dissertation: "The Role of Medical Theory in the Rise and the Fall of the European Witch Hunt Talk"

William Trent Foley, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "St. Wilfred of York as Pius Pater: A Study of Late Roman Piety in Early Christian England"

David Haberman, History of Religions 
Dissertation: "Raganuga Bhakti Sadhan" Acting as a Way of Salvation"

Susan Henking, Religion and Psychological Studies
Dissertation: "Protestant Religious Experience and the Rise of American Sociology: The Evidence of Autobiography"


Daniel Bornstein 
Dissertation: "The Bianchi: A Popular Religious Movement of the Early Italian Renaissance"

Joseph Colombo 
Dissertation: "Towards a Theology of History: An Essay on the Critical Sociology of the Frankfurt School and the Theologies of Johann Metz and Wolfhart Pannenberg"

William Madges 
Dissertation: "The Core of Christian Faith: David Friedrich Strauss and his Catholic Critics"

Stephen Post 
Dissertation: "On the Relation of Self-Love to Love of God"

Brian Smith 
Dissertation: "Perfection in Rituals"

Ann Taves 
Dissertation: "The Rise of Devotionalism"


Arnold Aronoff, History of Religions 
Dissertation: "Contrasting Modes of Textual Classification: The Jataka Commentary and Its Relationship to the Pali Canon"

Steven Bailey, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "American Congregationalism and the United church of Christ"

John Barbour, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "A Comparison of Two Essays on the Theme of Public Virtue; Stanley Hauerwas' A Community of Character and Alastair MacIntyre's After Virtue"

Gary Comstock, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "The Text in the Reader: The Functions of Four Narratives in the Reader's Christian Moral Life"

Justin Miller, Religion and Psychological Studies
Dissertation: "An Interpretation of Freud's Jewishness: The Influence of the German-Jewish Problem of Identity on Psychoanalysis in Its Origin and Theory"

Lawrence E. Sullivan, History of Religions 
Dissertation: "On the Influence of Mircea Eliade on Philosophy and Theology"

Mark Taylor, Theology 
Dissertation: "Religious Dimension and Cultural Anthropology"


Steven Bailey, History of Christianity
Dissertation: "The Changing Role of Conversion in New England between 1630 and the Great Awakening"

John Barbour, Religion and Literature
Dissertation: "Narrative Tragedy as Critique of Virtue: The Princess Cassamassima, Notromo, and All the King's Men"

Catherine M. Bell, History of Religions
Dissertation: "Medieval Taoist Ritual Mastery: A Study in Practice, Text, and Rite"

K. Brynolf Lyon, Religion and Psychological Studies
Dissertation: "Practical Theology and Human Fulfillment: The Religio-Ethical Structure of Old Age"

Lawrence E. Sullivan, History of Religions 
Dissertation: "History of Cosmologies and Healing in South American Indian Religions"

Mark Taylor, Theology
Dissertation: "On a Religious Dimension to Levi-Strauss' Anthropology"

Senior Fellows


Dr. Andrew J. Nicholson
Assistant Professor of Hinduism and Indian Intellectual History at the State University of New York at Stony Brook
Project: Spiritual Exercises: A History of Yoga From Ancient India to the Contemporary World
Read more about Dr. Nicholson's work here:

Dr. Noah Toly
Associate Professor of Politics & International Relations and Director of Urban Studies at Wheaton College
Project: The Macondoization of the World: Reckoning with Scarcity, Tragedy, and Risk
Read more about Dr. Toly's work here:


Reid Locklin will be working on a project tentatively titled "Advaita Mission, Christian Mission." He is currently Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator of Christianity and Culture at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto.

Vasileios Syros will be working on a project tentatively titled "Jewish Political and Religious Thought at the Intersection of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period: The interaction of the Jewish and Christian political and religious traditions between the Mediterranean and the Alps." He was Visiting Assistant Professor at the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought and The College, University of Chicago, for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Curtis L. Thompson will be working on a project tentatively titled "Dancing in God: The Relevance of Ritual for Conceiving the Divine Today." He is Professor of Religion at Theil College in Greenville, Pennsylvania.


W. David Hall will be working on a project tentatively titled "Rhetorical Theology: Analogy, Metaphor, Hyperbole, and Irony in Religious and Theological Discourse." He is currently an Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Centre College.

Sarah Hammerschlag will be working on a project tentatively titled "Sowers and Sages: The Renaissance of Judaism in Post War Paris." Currently Assistant Professor of Jewish Thought at Williams College, she recently completed work on her first book project, The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought.

Slavica Jakelić will be working on a project tentatively titled "Collectivistic Religions: Religion, Choice, and Identity in Late Modernity." She is currently the Research Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Co-director, Program on Religion, Culture, and Democracy at the University of Virginia.


Jiangyang Dong, a Visiting Research Scholar from China for the 2008-09 Fulbright Scholar Program, will pursue a research project entitled "A Study on the Relationship Between the Christian Church and the Government in the USA & its Potential Meanings Toward China." His project focuses on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of the historical, religious, political, philosophical and sociological dimensions of church-state relations.

Vincent Rougeau will be working on a project tentatively titled "Faith and Citizenship in the New Millennium: Christian witness in a pluralist society." Rougeau is currently Associate Professor and Director of the Center on Law and Government at Notre Dame Law School; he recently completed a book with Oxford University Press entitled Christians in the American Empire: Fair and Citizenship in the New World Order.

Clemens Six will be working on a project tentatively titled "Modernity and Religion: The reception of Indian theories to rethink a historical relationship." Six, who will be working with Martin Riesebrodt, Professor of the Sociology of Religion, is a recent Ph.D. in South Asian Economic and Social History from the University of Vienna and author of Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan. Politik und Religion im modernen Indien.

Sarah McFarland Taylor will be working on two projects tentatively titled "Eternally Green: American religion and the ecology of death" and "Religious Responses to Global Climate Change." Taylor is currently Associate Professor at Northwestern University's Department of Religion, where she also teaches in the American Studies program and the Environmental Policy and Culture program. She published Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology with Harvard University Press in 2007 and has two book projects currently underway.


Mary Gerhart, Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, working on a book with the working title, The Divine Conjectures: Toward a Loving Universe, based on what is known of the workings of conjecture and hypothesis in science and religion.


J. Ron Engel, Professor Emeritus, Meadville-Lombard Theological School, researching the Earth Covenant, including University of Chicago connections.


Andrea Althoff, researching Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the Protestant Pentecostal Movement among new immigrants in Chicago.

Celia Brickman, Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago. Researching modern and contemporary western constructions of religion from the perspectives of psychoanalysis, postcolonial theory, and (gender and) critical race theory.

Joseph Prabhu, Department of Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles. Researching for book "Hegel, India, and the Dark Face of Modernity."

Winnifred Sullivan, researching "Comparing Religions, Legally"—how different legal systems talk about religion comparatively.


Angela Kallhoff, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Münster, Germany
Research: Working on a normative theory that provides answers to the question of why public goods should exist, using various theories of justice and democracy.

Hugh Nicholson, Assistant Professor of Religion, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Research: Formulating a model of comparative theology that dissociates a valid concern with self-definition from an unexamined oppositional attitude towards other religious traditions.


Mary M. Keys, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
Research: Completing book, Virtue, Law, and the Common Good: The Relevance of Thomas Aquinas, and beginning major research project on "Humility and Modernity"

Michael Lieb, Research Professor of Humanities and Professor of English, Department of English, University of Illinois at Chicago
Research: Researching for book on Milton's concept of God set against ongoing debates about the place of heresy and orthodoxy in the Miltonic canon


Dennis Beach, OSB, Associate Professor of Philosophy, College of Saint Benedict/ Saint John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota
Research: Researching the Mexican/Argentinean philosopher and church historian Enrique Dussel's work on philosophy of liberation and its relation to Emmanuel Levinas' ethics of the other person

Norbert Hintersteiner, Scientific Collaborator and Lecturer, Institute of Dogmatic Theology, University of Vienna
Research: Researching for book, Translating God(s): Models and Methods in Comparative Theology

M. Cathleen Kaveny, John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Theology, Notre Dame Law School
Research: Researching for book on complicity with wrongdoing, drawing on sources from a number of disciplines, including theology, law, philosophy, and literature, to explore when, how, and to what degree agents are morally responsible for contributing to or benefiting from the wrongdoing of others


Wilhelm Grab, Professor of Practical Theology and Director of the Institute of Sociology and Religion, Humboldt University, Berlin (winter quarter)
Research: "Motifs of the Biographical Interpretation of Meaning and the Contours of Contemporary Media Religion in Feature Films and Television"

Amy Hollywood, Associate Professor of Christian Thought, Dartmouth College
Research: Working on two new projects, one dealing with mysticism, memory, and trauma in the late Middle Ages; the other with the relationship between bodily practices, visionary and ecstatic experience, and belief within medieval Christianity

Andrew Murphy, Lecturer in the Social Sciences Collegiate Division, University of Chicago
Research: Working on a book about narratives of decay and decline in contemporary American discourse

Sarah Pessin, Postdoctoral Fellow, American Academy for Jewish Research; Instructor in the History of Judaism, the Divinity School
Research: Working on a book that explores the unique Neoplatonic relationship between philosophy and poetry in the work of the eleventh-century Jewish philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol

William Placher, LaFollette Distinguished Professor in the Humanities of Philosophy and Religion, Wabash College
Research: Completing the editing of a collaborative systematic theology text entitled Essentials of Christian Theology; also working on a project of theology for lectionary preachers

Brendan Purcell, Senior Lecturer in Philosophical Anthropology, University College Dublin (autumn quarter)
Research: Working on two new books: a philosophical critique of the debate on the Darwinian theory of evolution, and a philosophical context for the question of human origins


Andrew Murphy, Independent Scholar
Research: Working on a book about narratives of decay and decline in contemporary American discourse.

Sarah Pessin, Postdoctoral Fellow, American Academy for Jewish Research; Instructor in the History of Judaism, the Divinity School. 
Research: Working on a book, Unity and Desire: The Philosophy and Poetry of Solomon Ibn Gabirol, that explores the unique Neoplatonic relationship between philosophy and poetry in the work of the eleventh-century Jewish philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol. Also teaching two graduate seminars on Jewish Medieval Philosophy in the Divinity School.

James Sheehan, Social Worker and Family Psychotherapist, Dublin, Ireland
Research: Conducting research on the figure of the human subject that emerges from Paul Ricoeur's intertextual approach to biblical imagination, and the relationship this figure has with those that arise from Ricoeur's work on Freud and his study of narrative in its relation to time/ the interdisciplinary character of this research concerns the extent to which a reading of these figures in relation to one another can refigure a view of the subject in psychotherapy.


Larry Greenfield
Hans Kippenberg
Bruce Lawrence
Leo Lefebure
Teruo Utsinomiya


Anne Blackburn, Department of Religious Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

Leo Lefebure, Dean of Ecclesiastical faculty of Theology and Professor of Systematic theology, University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary, Illinois

Esther Menn, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia


Maria Antonaccio
Kelton Cobb
Donald F. Duclow
Penny Gold
Laura Grillo
Franz Gruber
Sara Johnston
June Nash
Irene Schneider


Carol Anderson
Nadine (Dena) Frantz
Cecilia Lynch
Stephanie Paulsell
Eung Chun Park
Chris Peri (Christ Raj Perianayagam)
Heinze Schmidt


Michael Mach
George Pfleiderer
Turid Seim
Masakazu Tanatsugu


Daniel Bornstein, guest participant
Michel Gardaz
William P. George
Ithamar Gruenwald
Marcia Hermansen
Reinhard Hütter
Philip Mellor
Mary D. Pellauer
Regina Schwartz
Sukhbir Singh
Masakazu Tanatsugu
Zhigang Cui


Said Arjomand, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 
Research: "Authority and Public Law in Sunni and Shi'ite Islam" and "The Higher Criticism of the Koran and Prophetic Hadith"

Zhigang Cui, Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Günter Frank, University of Erfurt, Germany 
Research: "Catholicism and Socialism: The Ideological Confrontation in the SED-State"

Wesley Isenberg, Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois 
Research: "The Structure of Mark"

Margaret Mitchell, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois 
Research: "'The Archetypal Image': John Chrysostom's Portraits of Paul"

Willemien Otten, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois 
Research: "Theology and Poetry in Alan of Lille's Plaint of Nature"

Winnifred Sullivan, History of Religions

Dieter Zeller, Johannes Guttenberg-Universitat, Mainz, Germany 
Research: "Life and Death of the Soul: Use and Origin of the Metaphor in Philo of Alexandria"

Bernd Kollman, Georg-August-Universitet Gottingen, Germany 
Research: "Jesus the Magician?"


Bernd Kollman
Sigrid Brandt
Eduardo Rodrigues da Cruz
Jörg Dierken
Hent de Vries
Odette Mainville


Goran Larsson
Yoko Okuda Miyamoto
Charles Kannengiesser
Lee Yearley


Daniel Brumberg
Thomas A. Byrnes
Paul J. Griffiths
Janet Larson
Glen Lewandowski
James Stegenga
Shirley Thorpe
Dario Zadra


William Baird
Frank Clooney
Hans D. van Hoogstraten
Joshua Mitchell
Sueo Oshima
J. Wesley Robbins


James Buchanan
Matei Calinescu
Gail Eifrig
Terence Fretheim
Warren Vinz


Frederick S. Carney
Paul Lachance
Leo G. Perdue
Michael Perko
Susan Ross
Brian K. Smith
Christoph Strohm
Carl Volz
Malcolm Woodfield


Clifford Christians 
John Cumpsty
John A. Gallagher 
Pierre Gisel
David Hellholm
Marcia Rickard
Dale Schlitt


Roland DeLattre, Program in American Studies, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Research: "Supply-Side Spirituality: A Case-Study in the Cultural Interpretation of Religious Ethics" and "The Culture of Procurement: Reflections on Addiction and the Dynamics of American Culture"

Judith Berling, Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University
Research: "Rethinking the Reinterpretations of Traditions: Religious Change in Southeast China during the Sung"

Susan Shapiro, Department of Religion, Syracuse University
Research: "Recovering the Sacred" and "Failing Speech"

Terry Godlove, unaffiliated at the time
Research: "Theism and the Structure of Moral Action in Kant"

Roger Hatch, Department of Religion, Central Michigan University
Research: Jesse Jackson and Civil Religion"

Charl le Roux, Department of Science of Religion, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
Research: "Indian Culture in South Africa"

Barbara Les, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Jagellian Institute, Krakow, Poland
Research: Religion and Patriotism: Comparison on Poland, France, Great Britain, and the United States"

Trutz Rendtorff, Institut für Systematische Theologie, University of Munich
Research: "Beyond Modernity"

Robert Segal, Department of Religion, Louisiana state University
Research: Research on theories of myth in Jung and Freud; did not make a seminar presentation.


Carl Braaten, Professor of Systematic Theology, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Research: "The Problem of the Absoluteness of Christianity: An Apologetic Reflection"

David Burrell, Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
Research: "Reason and Prophecy or Revelation; Comparative Notes on Islamic and Christian Sources"

John Coleman, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
Research: "The Ethics of Sainthood"

Charles Courtney, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Drew University
Research: Toward a Theory of Religion: Lindbeck's Cultural-Linguistic Proposal"

William Dean, Department of Religion, Gustavus Adolphus College
Research: The New Historicism and Its Theological Uses"

Jean Duhaime, Faculty of Theology, University of Montreal
Research: "Dualistic Interpretations in the Scrolls from Qumran"

Robert Fuller, Department of Religious Studies, Bradley University
Research: "The Psyche as Symbol: Popular Psychology and Unchurched American Religious Thought"

Penny Gill, Department of Politics, Mount Holyoke College
Research: "Bride and Mouthpiece: Bridget of Sweden"

Barbara Les, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Jagellian Institute, Krakow, Poland
Research: Religion and National Identity: The American Civil Religion Reconsidered"

Lee Snook, Department of Systematic Theology, Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary
Research: The Anonymous Christ: Jesus as Savior in Modern Theology"

David Truemper, Department of Theology, Valparaiso University
Research: Towards a Theological Profile of Lutheranism"

Michael Welker, Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Evangelisch-Theologisches Seminar, University of Tübingen
Research: "Security of Expectations: Reformulating the Theology of Law and Gospel"


Stanley N. Rosenbaum, Department of Religion, Dickinson College
Research: A paper on Amos, proposing that Amos came from the Northern Kingdom and was the last Northern, not the first Southern, prophet, and the consequent linguistic ramifications of this for Scripture

Douglas Sturm, Department of Religion, Bucknell University
Research: "Natural Law" (a proposed article for the Encyclopedia of Religion (New York: Macmillan and the Free Press, forthcoming)

Hirmoasa Mase, Department of Philosophy, Keio University, Japan
Research: "Man's Relation to Nature: Toward an Ecological Ethic"

Douglas Ottati, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia
Research: The Neo-Orthodox Vision in Christian Theology"

William Warthling, Department of Philosophy, Niagara Community College, Sanborn, New York
Research: Post-Modern Science and Theology"

Robert Falkowitz, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University
Research: "Historical Perspectives and Condensation of Signification in the Representation of the Sacred in Ancient Mesopotamia"

Viggo Mortensen, Institute of Ethics and Philosophy, University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
Research: "Myth, Religion, and Experience on the Agenda of Theology"

John Nilson, Department of Theology, Loyola University of Chicago
Research: "What Might We Still Learn from Walter Rauschenbusch?" Warren Copeland, Department of Religion, Wittenberg University
Research: Research and writing on economics and ethics; did not make a seminar presentation

David Carrasco, Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder
Research: Honorary Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the University of Chicago, doing research on Aztec and Mayan practices of human sacrifice within the context of the "theatre state" concept of Clifford Geertz; did not make a seminar presentation


Lauree Hersch Meyer, Biblical Studies, Bethany Theological Seminary
Research: "Meaning Making: The Social Structure of Perception and Identity"

Elizabeth McMillan, Dean, Carlow College
Research: "The Body as a Work of Art: Merleau-Ponty's Meditation on Cezanne"

Mavourneen Joy, Department of Religion, Gettysburg College
Research: "The Greek Heritage and the Contemporary Situation"

Eva Hooker, Associate Dean of Faculty, St. Mary's College
Research: "'Myself—The Term Between—': Forms of Silence and Self-Knowledge"

Donald Miller, Christian Education and Ethics, Bethany Theological Seminary
Research: "The Faith Community as a Teacher: A Textbook in Religious Education"


Joseph Byrnes, Department of Religious Studies, Oklahoma State University
Research: Paper on conflict and fulfillment theories in the psychosocial measurement of religious data

Gregory Singleton, Department of History, Northeastern Illinois University
Research: Paper on Church as a sociological phenomenon in America

Raymond Weiss, Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Research: Paper on philosophic ethics and religious morality in the works of Maimonides

Harlan Beckley, Department of Religion, Washington and Lee University
Research: "A Christian Affirmation of Rawls' Ideal of Justice as Fairness"

David Sudermann, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Pacific Lutheran University
Research: "The Context of Pre-Courtly Epic"

Wesley W. Isenberg, Department of Theology, Concordia College
Research: "Four Initiation Pericopes in Acts"

Mark Krupnick, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Research: "Saul Bellow and the Intellectuals"


Associate Fellows


Wu Guo is a professor of the Institute of Religious Studies, Sichuan University. His field of specialty includes Taoism, especially two Taoist sects: Quan-zhen (perfect verity) and Jing-ming (purity and sunniness). He comes to the Marty Center from the Harvard-Yenching Institute, where he was working on a research project titled "Taoism in Modern Chinese Society and Trends of Contemporary Neo-Taoism."

Chicago Forum on Pedagogy and the Study of Religion Fellows


Emmanuelle Burton
Megan Doherty
Alain Epp Weaver
Hillel Gray
Adrian Guiu
Joel Harter
Cabell King
Anne Mocko
Michael Sohn
Alexander van der Haven


Tom Blanton, Biblical Studies
Brian Collins, History of Religions
Jeff Israel, Religious Ethics
Elizabeth Musselman, Theology
Elizabeth Pérez, History of Religions
Seth Perry, History of Christianity
Steven Sacks, History of Judaism
Joyce Shin, Religious Ethics
Courtney Wilder, Theology


Jonathan Ebel, History of Christianity
Peder Jothen, Religious Ethics
Cabell King, Theology
Kaitlin Magoon, Theology
Scott Richard, History of Religions
Benjamin Sax, History of Judaism
Lea Schweitz, Philosophy of Religions
Marsaura Shukla, Theology
David Simmons, Religion and Literature
Alicia Turner, History of Religions


Nancy Arnison, Theology
Elizabeth Bucar, Religious Ethics
David Clairmont, Religious Ethics
Robert C. Fisher, Philosophy of Religions
Deborah Green, History of Judaism
Karin Meyers, Philosophy of Religions
Shubha Pathak, History of Religions
Charlotte Radler, History of Christianity
Gabriel Robinson, History of Religions
Susan Zakin, History of Religions


Daniel Arnold, Philosophy of Religions
Jerome Copulsky, Theology
Michael Epperson, Philosophy of Religions
Hilda Koster, Theology
Michael Hogue, Religion and Literature
Jonathan Rothchild, Theology
Graeme Sharrock, Religion and Literature
Caroline Tolton, History of Christianity
Andrea White, Theology
Bill Wood, Theology

Alma Wilson Teaching Fellows


Sarah Imhoff, History of Judaism  
"Women in American Jewish History"


Garry Sparks, Theology
"Missionaries and Mesoamericans in the 1500s"


Marsaura Shukla, Theology
Course: ""Historical Knowledge and Biblical Faith"


Noah Salomon
Course: "Religious Debate and Controversy in Contemporary Islamic Societies" (deferred until Autumn 2008)


Lea Schweitz, Philosophy of Religions
Course: "Pragmatism and Religion: William James's The Varieties of Religious Experience Today"


David Simmons, Religion and Literature
Course: "Goethe's Faust"


Thomas Borchert, History of Religions
Course: "Buddhism in China"


Kristen Kearns, Theology
Course: "Beauty and Representation in the Christian Tradition"


Dan Arnold, Philosophy of Religions
Course: "Buddhist Thought in India and Tibet"

Jerald Brauer Seminar Participants


Antonia Daymond
Paul R. Ford
Cooper Harriss
Megan Hughes
Sarah Imhoff
Tabitha Knerr
Melinda Magleby
Katya Maslakowski
Sarah Schuurman
Kristen Tobey