Marty Seminar

Our annual yearlong Marty Center seminar puts together junior and senior scholars for a unique interdisciplinary experience.

Composed of junior fellows from both the Divinity School and throughout the University who are writing dissertations on religion and senior research fellows who are in residence at the Marty Center, the Seminar generates careful and insightful scholarship and advances interdisciplinary research in all areas of religious studies through a workshop-like format. 

Seminar participants receive an opportunity to present their work and respond to a peer’s work at least once during the year. Dissertation fellows are encouraged to present papers directly related to their dissertations, while senior research fellows usually present some aspect of the research project in which they are currently engaged. In addition, junior fellows are required to present their individual projects not only within the seminar but also before public interlocutors at a special spring meeting. The seminar helps participants articulate their projects in ways that will be intelligible to specialists and non-specialists alike. 

The goal of the yearlong seminar is to generate careful and insightful scholarship that deploys conceptual tools and interpretive methods to advance thought within a discipline in the study of religion and to provoke new work at the intersection of disciplines. The seminar further challenges fellows to step back from their scholarly specializations to ask themselves how their research will contribute to the institutions and the society in which they live and work.