Reprint policy

Articles may be quoted with clear and full attribution to the author and Sightings.

Articles may not be republished until permission has been granted by the editor.

To request permission, e-mail the following information to name of article, author, date of publication, URL of the article, name of your publication, and URL of your website. If permission is granted, columns may appear in full with clear and full attribution to the author of the column, Sightings, and the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School. This attribution should be presented clearly at the beginning or end of the article, with a link to the original article and the Divinity School website.

Sightings authors may not be designated as contributors to publications that reprint their articles, nor may their names be presented in such as way that they might appear to be contributors to the reprinting publication.

Titles and content of articles may not be modified in any way.