The Logic of Lessons: Instructor Preparation and Student Learning [Arts of Teaching)]

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The Logic of Lessons: Instructor Preparation and Student Learning [Arts of Teaching]

Tuesday, March 7, 4:30-6:30 pm, S208

blank-Puzzle.jpgPedagogy does not begin with stepping into the classroom: strategic lesson planning in advance, combined with an improvisational readiness to adapt and flow with the needs of the moment, is of great pedagogical power, especially when teaching complex material and students who need careful guidance in understanding it. In this session, co-facilitated by Prof. Kevin Hector (Theology & Philosophy of Religion) and David Barr (PhD Candidate, Religious Ethics), participants will get to know the basic processes of student learning and will learn to implement practical strategies for planning classes that engage them, across a variety of institutional contexts. How does individual class planning vary from type to type of class (seminar, lecture, blend, etc) -- and what kind of decisions need to be made at the more fine-grained level than that of the syllabus?

Since we will spend a portion of the session working to produce the outline of an actual lesson plan, participants should come with the content of a particular class period (real or hypothetical) in mind. All that is required is a general sense of the material to be covered and the sort of course in which it will or would be given.

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