• The Joseph Regenstein Library, as seen from the main Quadrangle.

Library resources

The University of Chicago Library provides comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching and learning needs of the University and broader research community.

As a center of intense intellectual inquiry, the University of Chicago Library provides a dynamic research and learning environment, supporting the University’s commitment to research and teaching.

Research-level collections include humanities, social sciences, business, physical and biological sciences, medicine, technology, law, mathematics, statistics, computer science, social work, and area studies. The greatest strengths of the collections lie in areas that are broad as well as deep, such as the history of religions, both Western and non-Western; the literatures of East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Slavic and Eastern Europe; anthropology; sociology; the histories of science, technology and medicine; and the history of education. In addition, the Library is a leading advocate of digitization as a method of preservation and has created extensive digital collections accessible online to all. Teaching and learning support includes reference services, course reserves, library instruction and curriculum support, bibliographic management software, and technologically equipped classrooms.  


Religious Studies was a core component of the original library of the University of Chicago. Learn more about the Religion Collection, and check out the Religion Research Guide

Anne K. Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion, Philosophy, and Jewish Studies, is a subject specialist who builds and maintains the collection, and works with Divinity School students (and others!). Check Dr. Knafl's page for ongoing additions to resource guides, tours, and more.