Karl Lampley

"A Theological Account of Nat Turner: Christianity, Violence, and Theology"

As a MMC Junior Fellow, I intend to complete my dissertation, to teach global liberation theologies, and to bring my research and theological perspective to a diverse academic and public audience. My dissertation focuses on the theological worldview and revolutionary conclusions of Nat Turner and his violent slave rebellion while exploring the concept of prophetic violence in the Old Testament, Jesus’ philosophy of violence, and Christianity’s violent theological pre-suppositions. It proposes the legitimacy of just revolution of the oppressed as an addition to traditional just war theory. The challenge posed by the MMC is making my research and assertions accessible to a wider audience and to make my somewhat particularistic black theology of Nat Turner universal in its scope and argument. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate, converse, and debate with peers, colleagues, and professors with diverse disciplines, methodologies, and philosophies. I look forward to strengthening my dissertation and making it relevant to today’s reality.