Karl Hefty

“The God of Appearance”

The ensemble of disputed questions that give rise to my dissertation research finds its context within the broader milieu of contemporary European philosophy, in particular the debates surrounding the current of thought known as phenomenology and the question of its relation to theology. Confronting this question directly, my research examines how far a rapprochement is possible between the concept of phenomenality and the concept of revelation, taking the work of Michel Henry as a point of departure. This problem is important for scholars of religion because it bears directly upon the way religion is conceived, studied and understood, both on the part of scholars and the wider public. As a place where questions concerning religion are discussed and debated openly, from many approaches and disciplines, the Martin Marty Center fosters an excellent environment for me to carry out this work, and to test its implications for the study of religion and theology in the American research university. The opportunity to write my dissertation in this context is a tremendous advantage.

Philosophy of Religions