Justin Howell


I am delighted and grateful to have received one of the Junior Fellowships within the Martin Marty Center for the upcoming academic year. These resources will greatly assist in completing the final two chapters of my dissertation—a project that analyzes the relationship and conflict between the protagonists and Pharisaic antagonists in Luke-Acts. Such characters represent the Christians and the Pharisees during the period Luke-Acts was written and initially read; and through them, the author presents for his readers a narrative about the competing ideologies and political loyalties among these two Jewish sects, which were continuing to reform their respective identities after 70 CE.


The Martin Marty Center will be an appropriate venue in which to carry on further dialogue about this research project, and also to converse and think critically with others about their own dissertations. Appointment as a fellow should also prove to be a highly formative and rewarding experience as a teacher in the classroom. It is an honor to benefit from and contribute to this program in what I expect to be the final year of work toward my degree.