Just Reaction

Just Reaction: Religion, Ethics, and the Nuclear Age

November 27 | 4:30pm | Swift Lecture Hall (3rd floor)

The development of the nuclear reaction that allowed American scientists to develop nuclear weapons began at the University of Chicago, in a country in a desperate war.  Three-quarters of a century later, the world stands on the brink of another nuclear conflict. The questions of 1942 persist for us today:   How do we exercise our power? What is our duty to others, even enemies, when powerful science is developed?  Is war ever justified?  What are the religious implications of the world-ending capacity of nuclear development?  What are we to make of the fact that nuclear energy fuels some of our most critically important medical technology? Can consequences ever be fully known? How shall we commemorate this morally complex anniversary?
Join Laurie Zoloth, Dean and Margaret E. Burton Professor in the Divinity School; Richard Miller, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Religious Ethics in the Divinity School; and Joshua Feigelson, Dean of Students in the Divinity School; for discussion and reflection. 
A reception will follow.


1942: A Historic Breakthrough, An Uncertain Future